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Friday, December 4, 2009

PFF The Beauty of Mount Holy Cross Colorado

What a beautiful vintage post card this one is. And perfect for the start of the Christmas season.
It is titled " Out Where The West Begins " This is a poem famous around the world as defining the spirit of the west more effectively than anything yet written. It was written by Arthur Chapman, then a report on a Denver newspaper on the occasion of a dispute as the the real boundary of the West. The poem and Mount Holy Cross are two symbols of the marvelous west that are familiar to all.
Mount Holy Cross is in Colorado.

Out Where the West Begins
Out where the handclasp's a little stronger,
Out where the smile dwells a little longer,
That 's where the West begins;
Out where the sun is a little brighter
Where the snows that fall are a trifle whiter,
Where the bonds of home are a wee bit tighter
Out where the skies are a trifle bluer,
Out where friendship's a little truer,
That's where the West begins,
Out where a fresher breeze is blowing ,
Where there's laughter in ever streamlet flowing,
Where there's more of reaping and less of sowing.
That's where the West begins.
Out where the world is in the making
Where fewer hearts with despair are aching.
That's where the West begins;
Where there's more of singing and less of sighing.
Where there's more of giving and less of buying.
And a man makes friends with half trying.
That's where the West begins.
Arthur Chapman

I love this postcard, it is so beautiful. And a wonderful start to this holiday season.

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  1. Hi!
    Beautiful card and poem! The white background really makes the yellow flowers show good! Have a great day!

    A View of My Life

  2. What a warm and powerful poem! It really defines the pioneer spirit:) Happy PFF!

  3. Hi,

    I have a postcard with the same poem but different landscape. It fits both very well.I love the poem.

  4. That's an interesting card. I have several postcards with that poem, but they all have cowboys, and I never knew the story behind the poem.

  5. A great combination of image and verse!

  6. They don't make postcards like that any more. I love the idea of having a poem with a picture. Interesting, too, the story behind it.

  7. Interesting postcard and poem. I don't think I ever heard the poem before. It's a great advertisement of the allure of the West.

  8. Wonderful postcard and great bit of trivia.

  9. If I'm not mistaken, the flowers are Columbine, which is the state flower of Colorado. Makes sense. Happy PFF.