Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award
We All Need A Little Sunshine Daily

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Easter Postcard # 4 Darling Child, Glittery Shirt and a Bunny

Easter is slowly closing in on us. What a pretty Vintage Easter Postcard. Darling blond child in a glittery shirt holding a bunny.

A word of Easter greeting
A wish most fond and true
By this small Easter message
I'm sending now to you
message is wish you all a happy Easter
will write soon Mother. Not postmarked.

Thanks for stopping by... hope that you are enjoying my vintage postcards and will stop by again

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vintage Easter Postcard # 3 A Joyous Easter Blue Hat and Chicks

What a darling vintage post card. This one shows a blue straw hat filled with little chicks coming from their eggs.

This is a Tuck's Postcard and is addressed to Leah Dearden. No post mark but from the early 1900's.

Hope that you are enjoying my vintage Easter Postcards.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vintage Easter Postcard # 2 1909 Easter Bunny Driving a Car

What a beautiful vintage post card.
This one is of a white rabbit driving a gold car.
The car is full of roses with the rabbit, and flowers being raised.
This postcard is postmarked 1909
to Mrs. Rose Paige of Dawson, Minn
and is from Maggie Putman

This is the second of my vintage Easter postcards that I am sharing. Please come back and see the other ones in my collection. While visiting my blog I hope that you will take a look at past postcards and maybe mark me a favorite to visit often... Grace

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1913 Vintage Easter Postcard # 1 Its A Joyful Easter

Easter is approaching soon and thought I would post a few of my vintage Easter Postcards.

Postcard #1 is addressed to Mr. George Mercher of North Dakota from Clara of College of St. Teresa, Winona, Minnesota and
postmarked March 17,1913

pictured is a pretty woman holding a Bible and Easter Lilies

" May Sunshine Of The Easter Sky Bring Gladness To Thy Heart "

Hope that you come back and see my other vintage
Easter postcards in the days to come.. Grace

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Received A Sunshine Award .. I Need Some Sunshine Everyday

How sweet! Vintage Postcard Gallery has given a "Sunshine Award" to me. We can always use a little sunshine everyday. Thank you so much! Go check out my new friend.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day Vintage Postcard

Happy St Patrick's Day . Is this not a beautiful vintage St. Patrick's Postcard. Unused , marked St. Patrick series no 5

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vintage 1912 Postcard Huckabay Public School

Great old vintage postcard of the Huckbay Public School dated February 22, 1912. Is unused and marked maker as L. C. Doolittle, Maker , Esterville , Iowa.
I bought this here in Texas. I did a search on google and found this article This is probably the school in this picture.
This is a great piece of vintage history for anyone interested in old buildings or schools. Would be wonderful in a genealogy family notebook for someone who had family that went there.
Thanks For Stopping By to view this wonderful vintage postcard... Grace

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elephant Butte Lake, Near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico 1954

I am continuing in New Mexico with my vintage postcards. Here is the other vintage postcard I have of Elephant Butte Lake, Near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Isn't the coloring beautiful.
Elephant Butte Dam on the Rio Grande derives its name from the likeness of the " Butte " or hill to an Elephant. it is but a short drive from the famous Hot Springs to the Dam which creates a lake 40 miles in length, stocked with many varieties of game fish and is well known as a fisherman's paradise. The curative waters of the Hot Springs near by , excellent fishing and mild winters make a year round resort for the 60,000 or more tourists who visit here annually. The Regatta each spring is a special attraction.
Post marked May 10th 1954 and addressed to the Fosters of Kansas.
Dear Bernice and Tex
We are getting lots of rest taking mineral baths treatment from Magnolia Ellis. Should be as good as new after all this. We enjoy going out to the dam, beautiful out there. Be home Friday Love Clara 7 Brad

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Elephant Butte Lake Truth or Consequences New Mexico Vintage Postcard 1955

I have traveled from Texas to New Mexico with today's vintage postcard. It is from 1955 and it is of the boat landing and bathing beach, Elephant Butte Lake, Near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

I love the colors and the vintage cars. In the water there are also some small boats waiting to be enjoyed.

Writer says

Hi Dolls,

We've made it this far in fine shape

The train is 1 hr 15 minutes late and awfully hot.

Its real cool here. Have good seats.

Better close now and get the kids some milk

All our love and kisses Us

This post card is addressed to the Fosters of Kansas as are many of my post cards.

Thanks For Stopping By... Grace

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fishing Texas Style Jetties, Breakwaters and Sea Walls

Fishing Texas Style.. This scene typifies the relaxation fishing affords on the many fine fishing jetties breakwaters and sea walls .. to be found up and down the Gulf Coast of Texas.

post card dated Nov 1973