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Sunshine Award
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Vintage Postcard of Paddock At Santa Anita Arcadia California

Today's vintage postcard is of The Paddock At Santa Anita Arcadia California. What a pretty scene of the horse track. Horses with their jockeys and owners in the center. Spectators around the outside trying to pick a winner.

As the snow comes down I can only wish I was in California and at the race track.

marked tishnor art company L.A. unused condition.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sepia Saturday Meet The Three Sisters Myrtle, Floy and Violet From Early 1900's

Thanks for visiting me on Sepia Saturday. This wonderful real picture postcard features three sisters from the early 1900's.
The stamp area is marked AZO with four triangles all pointing up dating this to 1904 to 1918.

Back of card is marked Myrtle, Floy and Violet. Sadly has no last name to help identify it.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday Remember The Alamo

Hello to Postcard Friendship Friday .. hope that you are having a great day.
This postcard is of The Alamo built 1718 in San Antonio, Texas
Very pretty and colorful. We visited San Antonio and the Alamo over 10 years ago. First time seeing the Alamo and would love to visit again.

Back of post cards says

The sacred Alamo stands within the very heart of the business district of the city of San Antonio. It was erected in 1718 by the Franciscan Monks and was originally the Chapel of the Mission of San Antonio de Valera. It was within the gray stone walls of the quaint old Chapel, March 6 1836 that Travis , Barrett, Bowie, Crockett and 170 unsung heroes gave their lives in defense of Texas liberty.

If you have never visited and get the chance to see the Alamo I recommend it. They say it is one of the most haunted places in the USA. I did not see any ghosts on my visit but I did feel a sense of sadness and quiet. It was is one of the most eerie places I have ever visited.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage 1940's Postcard Lot 5 Union Oil Company Scenes Of The West

Vintage Postcard lot of (5) Royal 76 Union Oil Company Scenes Of The West series

Lake Washington Bridge, Seattle, is a tribute to the ingenuity of American Engineers. Except for entrances the bridge is full floating, being supported by pontoons. A section can be moved to accomodate navigation.

Lake Crescent, a beautiful 11 mile long lake surrounded by mountains, is a resort center of the Olympic Peninsula. Reached off U. S. Highway 101 at the northern edge of Olympic National Park.

Deception Pass Bridge connecting Fidalgo and Whidby Islands presents view of Puget Sound. To drive over it take the cut off west from Mt. Vernon, off highway 99.

Stevens Pass, midway between Everett and Wentchee where U.S. Highway 2 crosses the Cascade Mountains. Elevation 4061 feet.

San Juan Island lying between Washington and Vancouver Island.

I would date these from the 1940's.
Great vintage postcards. They are not written on.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday Vintage Ship Ahoy Postcard Real Photo Or Not?

Welcome to Postcard Friendship Friday... this is a real cute vintage postcard that I found some time back either in California or Texas.
Adorable young boy or girl in sailor outfit looking out at the sea. Is marked on the front Copyrighted 1906 Robert McCrum.
Is postmarked Mar 15 and 9:30 in the morning but date is not there.
Addressed to Miss Adele Bach of Saint Louis. On the side is written Aunt Bessie and what looks like Camforth Publishers N.Y.

Do you think this is a real photo postcard? I am not sure.
It is adorable no matter what.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Working To Identify Real Photo Postcard 1909 - 1914

Take a peek at this great Real Photo Postcard. It came out of family papers.

This group of children are standing in front of a black board with writing so they are in school.

Take a peek at their clothing. Young man second child from the right is in a sailor outfit. The hats the bonnets are amazing. There is young boy and girl second row and she is holding on to his arm. Probably her brother.

The back is unused except for a question mark some one wrote. The stamp area is marked by Velox around it with triangles dates it 1909 to 1914. Just noticed a big clue. On back is marked L E Conger Druggest, Mora Minnesota. This tells me it is from my mother's side of the family.

Such an adorable group of children. Wish I knew who they were. Need to study it more. My grandmother Grace lived in Mora at this time. She would of been 17 so not her but could very well be her younger sister born 1906 or brother born 1909.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vintage Post Card of Cliff House San Francisco California

Today's vintage postcard is of the Cliff House in San Francisco, California.
marked Richard Behrendt publisher San Francisco, Cal
made in Germany

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Victorian Humor Continued The Time and Tide

Here is another of my vintage postcards with victorian humor.

The time and tide

here we have a young couple in a canoe.
not sure what she is hanging off the side of the boat
almost looks like there is a fish hanging from it though.
Strange humor the victorians

post card is also addressed to Martha Kaatz
of St. Paul as others I have posted

Dear Martha,
Must answer your card of
some time ago.
was very glad to hear from
you. How are you now
and when are you coming home?
Euina? was here for
a visit for about 3 weeks.
Aug and Clara have a little baby boy.
So I'm an Aunt now otherwise
everything is the same old way. Let me hear from
you soon
love Lena
postmarked Woodlake

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Victorian Humor # 2 What Are You Doing Bridget?

okay guys.. I really do not get this one.

" What are you doing , Bridget?

Sure, yer mother sent me to see what height the glass was.

Appears to be a duster on the floor. No idea what is hanging on the wall.

Any ideas any one

Postmarked Wisconsin 1910 and addressed to Martha Kaazt of St. Paul Minn. I bought this some time ago here in Minnesota.

Hello Martha
Thank you for the card you send
we was glad to hear from you agan
How do you lik you new foreman
is he good as reddy
im having a good time out hear
close with best love to you
from anna

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Monday, January 3, 2011

1910 Vintage Postcard with Victorian Humor

I bought some interesting vintage postcards some time ago. They are colorful with great views of clothing and furniture from the early 1900's.

But what I do not understand is what I think is humor of the time.

What is the thing he is holding in his hand. that is a couple of ugly birds...
Message is
How good of you! You shot them yourself of course?
Y yes... this morning
But are they not rather high?
No, only six and I mean ... er yes, they do fly rather high don't they
bottom of post card states copyrighted 1908 Bamforth & co
back is postmarked Feb 7 1910 some place in Minnesota ... 101 years ago
addressed to Miss Martha Kaatz of St. Paul

Hello dear ?
I am well and hope the same of you and sister
well Martha I am back to my old place agin in the hotel
it seems so funny to me
good bye dear
from loving Lana L