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Sunshine Award
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Minot's Ledge Light Boston Harbor Boston Massachusetts Lighthouse

Nice old vintage postcard of the Minot's Ledge Light, Boston Harbor, Boston Massachusetts.
Postmarked October 3, 1906 Boston Mass. Addressed to Mrs. Emily Albrich of Franklin Massachusetts.
Published by the Metropolitan News Co. Boston
Message is written on front of postcard.
Dear Aunt Emily, Intended to write yesterday but forgot. Mama re mailed your letter to Papa at Lacomia. She would of been out to see you but she was quite ill.I'll try to write to Emmie soon. Love from all, Wilda
I love old postcards that are postmarked with a message.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Festival of Postcards: Quadrepeds Texas Prison Rodeo

Time for another entry in A Festival of Postcards .
If you are interested in joining go to . The dead line is October 20th.

This month is dedicated to Quadrupeds. Cats , Dogs, Horses, anything with four legs.
My first thought was I do not have many post cards that fit this topic. Maybe a cute dog or a long horn steer but I wanted something a little different.

Picked up my personal album of post cards. Mainly vintage post cards of Minnesota or Water themes.

In the middle of the album I found a wonderful old post card. This one is dated August 25th 1952. My sweet daddy is writing it to my mama. He is in Huntsville Texas preaching. He was a preacher at that time and was off and on for years. Mama was in the Hedge Craft Hospital in Houston, Texas.

She had contracted the terrible disease of Polio. There were three types and she was lucky enought to get all three. She was not expected to live, but the Lord had a different plan. She was with us till 1998.

So daddy is off preaching and we are little girls traveling with him.
Daddy writes.
8 - 26 - 52
Dearest Muriel,
I'm in Huntsville this week. I'm staying at the Sam Houston hotel.
It was nice and cool here last night.
We had a good service Sunday and the girls were both extra good
( that is me and my sister Mary I am not quite 4 and she would be not quite 2)
Our crowd was small as some went
to Bethel Faith Temple for the home
coming service.
I took some shirts to Sister Berry to turn collars and make some new ones on some.
Bye for now, see you Fri

Now we go to the reason for the Festival the 4 legged animal. It is a post card of the Texas Prison Rodeo ... Huntsville, Texas. We have prisoners riding wild cows
Back of post card says Mad Scramble... Texas convicts cinch down on wild cows to open Wildest Rodeo in the World.
What a fun old post card, unusal and family history all tied together.
Thanks for stopping by .... Grace

Light House On Lake Maxinkuckee Culver Indiana

This vintage Post card is of the Light House on Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, Indiana. Pretty and lightly colored.

It is postmarked Jan 23, 1909 Culver Ind
and is addressed to Miss Edna Wolfe of Syracuse Indiana.
Written in pencil is
Well every worked out
all O. K. Will have
between 275 and
300 Saturday. Cake
business is picking up
18 10 cent cakes 5 Jell Roles today
Cakes cooked ect tell Bill
D. W.
Wish we knew who D. W. was. Sounds like he was a baker. Being that he wrote to Miss Wolfe and his last initial is W I would guess his name is Wolfe

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lighthouse on Tillamook Rock Oregon

Today's vintage post card is of another lighthouse.
This lighthouse is on Tillamook Rock in Oregon. The waters look so rough and there is a small boat is in the picture.

The post card was sent to George W White in Lawrence Kansas from Rhea Pringle and is stamped and postmarked August 9, 1910 from Portland Oregon.

She writes

August 8, 1910

Dear Friend : Received your most welcome letter just before I left Los Angeles. Expect to locate in the northwest. As ever your friend Rhea Pringle.

Is marked printed in United States by Edward H Mitchell Publisher San Francisco

I will be looking for more postcards of lighthouses in my collection for future postings.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Los Angeles Colisum Olympic Station Los Angeles California

Here is a wonderful vintage post card of Los Angeles Coliseum ( Olympic Stadium ) Los Angeles, California.

Unused postcard. Tichnor Art Company L.A.

Bright and colorful post card....

The Coliseum has the distinction of being the only stadium in the world to host the Olympic Games twice, in 1932 and 1984. It is also the only Olympic stadium to have also hosted Super Bowls and World Series. It was declared a National Historic Landmark on July 27, 1984, the day before the opening ceremony of the 1984 Summer Olympics.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tarrytown Lighthouse New York

One of my favorite vintage post cards to collect are light houses. This one is of the Tarrytown Lighthouse, Tarrytown on Hudson New York

It was postmarked May 31 1913 and mailed to Mrs M A Beal of Minneapolis. It is from a friend Inez.
Inez talks about taking in the sights, hob nobbing with the Rockefeller's and that tomorrow is Decoration day and the unveiling of the Maine Memorial in Central Park.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Vintage Postcard of Austin Texas Littlefield Memorial Fountain

Today's vintage post card is from Texas. It is of the Littlefield Memorial Fountain and Administration Building and Tower University of Texas, Austin, Texas.

It was distributed by the Hausler Kilian Cigar and Candy Co. of Austin, Texas .

Post cards can be a great addition to your family history book. I have no family from Austin so I bought this one to resell unlike the post card I listed before of the Train Station in Minneapolis. That one I will tell a story around.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Northern Station Minneapolis Minnesota

Vintage Post card of the Great Northern Station in Minneapolis Minnesota
This is a used post card postmarked Minneapolis 1944
Addressed to Mr. Chester Johnson of Brainerd from a friend named Ellen living now in St. Paul, Minnesota
Great old card, showing some wear on edges and creases on corners.
I love the cars and the old Great Northern Building.

The Minneapolis Great Northern Depot was a passenger train station that served Minneapolis, Minnesota . It was built in 1913 and torn down in 1978. It was located on Hennepin Avenue next to the Hennepin Avenue Bridge and across the street from the main Minneapolis Post Office.

I have fond memories of this train station. In the early 1960's we would travel from Duluth to Minneapolis by train. Once a year my sister , cousin and I would go on a week end trip with my Aunt Daisy ( you can read about her in an earlier post) and when I was a young teenager my sister , cousin and I would take the train to meet up with cute young boys from a Minneapolis church for a very chaperoned week end visit with them and their parents.

I loved to travel by train then and still love to take the train when possible.

Friday, September 11, 2009

May We Never Forget

Today is a day we need to take some time and remember that horrible day in our history and pray for all those we lost and their familys.
May we never forget.... God Bless America

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mora Minnesota 1940

Today I am sharing a vintage postcard from my personal collection. This is downtown Mora, Minnesota 1940. I love the store fronts and the cars pictured.
My family lived in Mora and Ogilvie, a town near by during this period.

Not only are vintage postcards fun to look at, but they are great additions to family history.
Add some vintage post cards to a photo album of your family. This can give us a glimpse to what life was like at that time in their history.
This post card was sent to my Aunt Daisy, sister of my mother. They were living in Ogilvie, Minnesota at this time. It is postmarked Mora Minn March 12, 5 pm 1940. It is from a friend of hers named Alta. Alta is telling her that she went for an airplane ride Sunday and may be over to visit Thursday evening.
This would be a great addition to a photo album I want to do of my Aunt Daisy. I am adding a picture of my Aunt Daisy 1938. Not sure if Ogivie or Mora.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things Are Bigger In Texas

Here is a great vintage post card picturing a Texas Long Horn with horns having a width of 9 feet 6 inches.

Things are big here in Texas but this funny card is pushing it to far.

The back of the post card is postmarked Nov 2,1942 Newton , Kansas to a friend in Newton Kansas.

The receiver goes by the name " TEX" .. Fits I guess.
Thanks for stopping by .. Grace

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Postcards an Inexpensive Historical Collectible Hobby

I just love vintage postcards. It can be an inexpensive Historical hobby. They are easy to store and can be fairly easy to find.
Post cards were first printed in Austria in 1886. In this country they were printed for the Colombian Exposition in 1892 as souvenir cards. They became a rage.

Until World War 1, they remained very collectible, with many being preserved in special postcard albums. Even today they remain near the top in paper collectibles.

Today collectors often specialize in certain types of cards. Themes like advertising, industry, transportation and entertainment are collected. Others like the holiday cards,with Halloween
and Santa Christmas cards at the top.

Black Americana and Patriotism are popular and then some collectors prefer illustrators such as Ellen Clapsaddle, Raphael Tuck, Frances Brundage and Rose O'Neill.

Condition is very important to collectors. Even though many of the cards are sixty to ninety years old, they must be in excellent shape to have value whether used or not used.

I love post cards, Most of mine range in very good condition. I especially love my collection of vintage post cards of the Ariel Bridge or Lake Superior in Duluth Minnesota. I grew up in Duluth and love the view of Lake Superior and the Bridge.
The post card on the right is " Lighthouse and Duluth Canal, During Storm Duluth, Minn." #91 V O Hammon Co. Minneapolis, Minn. This card was unused.
The on the left is " The Duluth Boat Club Duluth, Minn " Knopp Co. Wisconsin #594.
It is addressed to Mrs. Kogl of St. Paul, Minn from Mrs. A E Haynes and post marked 1910.
It is from Mrs. A. E. Haynes and she writes
Dear Mrs. Kogl
Hope you are feeling well and also hope Marie is.
With my regards and best wishes Mrs. A. E Haynes.
General Del Duluth
In pencil is written Lillian Turnquist
I bought both of these over 10 years ago.
Some of my most prized post cards are those that my grandfather Bill wrote to his future wife my grandma Grace. Sadly he wrote in pencil and they are hard to read. Some day I will share some of these with you.

Thanks for stopping by ... Grace

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Humorous Postcards From The Past

Humorous postcards from the past can be fun to collect and look at. I bought several albums of old postcards at an auction. Among them were several cute funny postcards.

Tonight I am sharing this cute one of a puppy. Back ground has a sign saying " Keep On the Walks Please".

The bottom of post card has the caption " Oh, But I Am Lonesome"

The back is Postmarked August 29, 1909 from Minneapolis, Mn. and addressed to Mr. Geo Merchis Elbow Lake, Minn.

The sender is identified as B. O. and writes

" Hello Geo how are you I received a postal guess it was from you, you say I didn't write until Mabel came down. I didn't know you was there. You said you was going away. ans B. O.