Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award
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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Traveling The United States Through Vintage Postcards Buffalo New York Main Street

Today's post card is a 1950s posted card from Buffalo New York and is available at this time in

my eBay store.

View is of main street showing us a busy street full of cars, trolly and signs.

Your choice of business is Liberty Bank, Kobackers Bakers and many more businesses.

Reminder of a time when many of our businesses were down town rather in the malls.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Traveling The United States Through Vintage Postcards Hotel Dyckman Minneapolis Minnesota

Today's  postcard is a vintage postmarked 1913 of the Dyckman Hotel and 6th Street in

Minneapolis Minnesota.

Pictured is some vehicles pulled by a horse and beautiful old automobiles.

Post card is mailed to Miss Georgia Underwood who is staying at the Nashville Bible School.

in Tennessee.  Writer lives in Moorehead and is signed RWS. Signed Sincerely and wonder if it

is from suitor since he ask how she  and ? are.  Is he a jealous lover? We will never know I guess.

This card will be added to my eBay store today. Take a look at the over 1400 treasures we are

offering on eBay

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Vintage Comic Cat Postcards Published by Max Kunzli

Here are a few comical cat postcards that I found at auction last years.

They are published by Max Kunzli and Alfred Mainzer.

The ones I have were printed in Switzerland.

Busy cats in class rooms, moving day, getting mail or riding a trolley.

These are offered on eBay at this time. Take a look if interested.