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Friday, November 27, 2009

PFF Vintage 1934 Postcard of Church of the Convenant and Kenan Memorial Wilmington N C

This vintage post card is of the Church of the Covenant and Kenan Memorial in Wilmington North Carolina.

Vintage post cards can be a great addition to family history books. This one is perfect for some one who lived in Wilmington and attended this church when this post card was posted.

This one was posted June 14 1934 to Mr E C Foster in Newton Kansas and is from Albert

Dear Bro and folks
My trip to Niagara
was sure nice
spent the last week
in Philadelphia,
Baltimore and Wash D C
Your bro and uncle
Albert J F
The Church of the Covenant and Kenan Memorial Sunday School combine to form one of the most handsome church properties in the South. The church was given as a memorial to his parents by the late Dr James Sprunt of Wilmington
Happy Postcard Friendship Friday

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vintage 1925 Postcard From Albert Foster in Texas to his Dad in Oklahoma

Today post card is visiting vintage Houston,Texas. A Municipal Band Concert , City Park Houston Texas.
The colors are soft and show us a time about 85 years ago in Houston.
DH and I am now living in the Houston area for a few years. It is busy and crowded and nothing like this beautiful post card of course.
Post card is dated Jan 8 1925 Bellaire Texas and addressed to Mr. J W Foster of Clarita Oklahoma.
This postcard is from Mr Foster's son Albert.

He says " Holiday Greetings Dear Dad.

Am out of the Army now and going to school. Haven't worked out since getting out. How is everything at home by now and how was the Holidays. Didn't seem like Xmas to me haven't heard from Edgar in a long time. Have lost his address send it to me

Your son Albert 1607 Commerce Street Houston Texas.

I think it is sad that these postcards get separated from their family. It tells me we have a young man living in Texas and not with his family. It is addressed to his father, where is the mother. Sounds like working out is something he thinks about even though he is not doing it at this time. He recently got out of the Army and now in school. Family history in this short post card.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Barless Bear Den in Milwaukee Wisconsin Vintage Postcard 1934

This wonderful vintage postcard is of " Barless Bear Den, Washington Park, Milwaukee Wisconsin is dated 1934.

Rising 15 to 18 feet, the walls of irregular naturalistic formation, have at the base a moat 15 feet wide scarcely visible from the public walk. The bears standing on the extreme edge of the moat stare at the crowds only some 18 feet distant. Unique groups of Polar, grizzly , Black Bears and Wolves here enjoy practical freedom. The swimming pool is 15 by 30 feet . 7 by 30 feet is provided for sleeping and hibernating.

This pretty post card is postmarked and stamped from Milwaukee Wisconsin and addressed to Mr and Mrs E L Foster of Newton Kansas.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Real Photo Post Card of Group of Children 1900's

Here is another real picture photo in my collection. This one is a group of 10 young children. Photo is small and sadly no names or anything on this photo to let us know who these children were.

Back of photo is marked Leonar and no stamp spot on photo. Not really sure how old this one is but from the early 1900's I think.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Three Beautiful Boys in this Vintage Real Picture Postcard

Another wonderful vintage postcard to collect is RPP Real Picture Postcards

My favorite type to look for is postcards of children.

Today's post card is of 3 beautiful young children

Is not stamped but addressed to Geo and Elsie and family

Our boys Delbert, Bernard and Arnold (no last name)

I am dating this from 19265 to 1940's . Stamp area is marked AZO with squares in the corner.

Hope that you enjoy this wonderful vintage Real Picture Postcard of three sweet boys

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day 1913 Vintage Postcard Turkey Day #5 on Friendship Friday

This is the last of the Thankgiving cards I bought a couple of weeks ago when I went Antiquing. Hopefully I have a couple of more to share with you in the future.

These vintage postcards are so colorful. This one is also dated 1913 and was mailed on Nov 21 to

Master LaRue Friend of O' Fallon from Uncle Charlie and Aunt Nel.

The Thanksgiving cards I have posted recently all came from the same family estate. Sad that some one no longer has this great family history in their collection.
Hope that you have enjoyed these Thankgiving cards, will have to search for any others I have.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day 1900's Vintage Postcard Turkey Day # 4

Happy Thankgiving Day with another Vintage Postcard. This Pretty Turkey Day postcard is not postmarked but comes same time frame as the others I found and featured. Addressed to same person Mr Percy Friend of O'Fallon Ill

This post card is wishing him they are all well and is from cousin Marine (?)

What a pretty colorful postcard with a big fat turkey

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day 1913 Vintage Postcard Turkey Day # 3

What a pretty vintage postcard is this that I found while antiquing.
Thankgiving Best Wishes Postmarked and stamped 1913 Bakersfield Califoria and addressed to Orville Friend O' Fallon Ill from Uncle Charles.

Beautiful colorful post card featuring a pretty young lady with a huge Horn of Plenty

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day 1913 Vintage Turkey Day # 2 on Friendship Friday

Happy Thanksgiving on Friendship Friday. Here is another of the wonderful vintage postcards I found while Antiquing.

What a petty young woman dressed in a vintage costume. Postmarked postcard are always my favorite. Shows us history. This one is postmarked Nov 21 1913 Bakerfield California to Percy Friend O'Fallon Ill from uncle Charlie and Aunt Nel ( maybe hard to read her name).

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Day 1915 Vintage Postcard Turkey Day #1

This last week end when we went antiquing I picked up several Thanksgiving and Christmas Vintage Post cards.
I will be sharing the Thanksgiving cards over the next few weeks.

This is the first one and it is adorable. Features a colorful big fat Turkey.

" May glad Thanksgivings crown your days and years "

This is a used post card postmarked from Colorado Springs, Colorado to

Mr and Mrs LaRue Friend and boys

Fallon Ill

Message is

Dear Uncle Ouhlie, I've got the coup am better now, but I scared mama Sat night. Eat lots of turkey for me Dee ... We're all well but Dee wish you were her Grace

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Historical Mounds Marietta Ohio on Tombstone Tuesday

I went antiquing this last Saturday in Katy Texas. Found several great post cards that I will be posting and selling on eBay. Starting today with a vintage post card of
" The Historical Mounds, Marietta Ohio " I am sorry to say I never heard about them before, but glad I found this post card of them.

Post card is copyrighted 1905 by the Rotograph company ( Germany.)
Addressed to Miss Arvilla Burk of Denver Colorado and postmarked Jan 18 1908.
Written under the picture of the graves is
Dear Sis or liz Why don't you ans my last lettter the first thing you know I write you another & then you will owe me two P.B.J

As I had not heard of this Historical mounds I went to and found this. It is only part written so will link the rest
THE GREAT MOUND OR CONUS The most interesting remain of the Mound Builders in Marietta is the large mound now enclosed in Mound cemetery. Of this mound it is but just to say that, although it is not the largest in the state, there are few of such beauty and historical fame. This mound is about 115 feet in diameter, and 30 feet in perpendicular altitude, and is perhaps the largest in the State in proportion to its circumference. It is very unique in its embankment and ditch surrounding it. This ditch is about fifteen feet wide and four feet deep, and outside of it
There is so much more interesting information to read thanks to WikipediaMound Cemetery (Marietta, Ohio)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Mound Cemetery Mound
U.S. National Register of Historic Places
Mound Cemetery with Great Mound in background
5th and Scammel Sts., Marietta, Ohio
39°25′13″N 81°26′33″W / 39.42028°N 81.4425°W / 39.42028; -81.4425
Governing body:
Added to NRHP:
February 23, 1973
NRHP Reference#:

View down from the Great Mound
Great Mound with William Stacy marker in foreground
Entrance to Mound Cemetery
Mound Cemetery in 1846
Marietta Earthworks
Mound Cemetery plaque listing Revolutionary War soldiers
Plaque quoting General Lafayette's comments about soldiers of the Revolutionary War buried in Mound Cemetery
Mound Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio is home to the Great Mound (aka Conus, Mound Cemetery Mound), built by the Mound Builders,[2] and is reportedly home to the largest number of American Revolutionary War officers buried in one location.[3][4] The Great Mound was preserved by the original pioneers and city founders of the Ohio Company of Associates. Many of the founders were officers of the Revolutionary War who received land grants for military services. Among the officers of the American Revolutionary War buried in Mound Cemetery are General Rufus Putnam, General Benjamin Tupper, Commodore Abraham Whipple, and Colonel William Stacy.

It was stated at the Conference that “more officers of the Revolution are buried in the Old Mound Cemetery, Marietta, than at any other place in the United States.”

DAR, American Monthly, Vol. 16 (Jan-Jun 1900), 329.
General Lafayette of France, who fought with the Americans during the Revolution, visted Marietta during 1825, and described these Marietta settlers and former soldiers: "I knew them well. I saw them fighting the battles of their country…They were the bravest of the brave. Better men never lived."[5]
So for Tombstone Tuesday I hope that you enjoy this great vintage post card and a little history thrown in.

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