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Sunshine Award
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friendship Friday Lake Minnetonka Minnesota .. Vintage Postcard of Steamers

Welcome to Friendship Friday.... I am back on Lake Minnetonka sharing one of our vintage Lake Minnetonka post cards.

This post card is of the Steamers Stillwater and Como at Excelsior Dock, Excelsior Minnesota

The first white man to see Lake Minnetonka was Joseph H. Brown, who in 1822 paddled in a canoe up Minnehaha Creek to the lake from the Falls, a distance of 25 miles. The Indians called the lake Minnetonka ( Big Water) and it is well named as its total area is 13824 acres.

We bought this at a flea market years ago. It is unused and in very good condition.

I hope that you enjoy my Friendship Friday Post card. Take some time and visit the other Friendship Friday posters at

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Kingdom For A Horse Vintage Postcard

Great old post card .. postmarked 1958 from Statesville NC

" My Kingdom For A Horse "

marked bottom right GC 38

was sent from Nancy and Opal to the E C Foster family of Newton Kansas

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vintage 1911 Postcard of Young Lady in Ballet Outfit

Great vintage post card of a young girl in what are laced up shoes, maybe ballet shoes. She is in front of a fake ocean shore.

Bottom of post card says 1910 Colonial Art Pub Co NY

Pub F G Henry Co Ins NY

Back of post card is divided and stamped with postmark Mar 14 1911 N Dak.

Condition is used with some wear and creases on corners.

Interesting old post card

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage Real Post Card of 3 Young Boys ? Early Boy Scouts

This is a old real post card that is unused. Back is divided and has no place for the stamp. Bottom center says Leonar 1452.
I do not remember where or when I bought this post card or if it is from the United States or is foreign

The picture is of three young boys. There are a total of three bikes. One is near the boy on the right and the other two are leaning up against the bushes on the right hand side.The boys are dressed in short pants and long socks. Not sure if they are in uniforms of some kind, could be some kind of scout uniforms. The boys on the left are looking at something in the grass or could even be building a camp fire. There may be some bedding on the ground right of the boy on the right hand side .

Great old post card probably has a story of three young men. Would love to hear if anyone has any ideas about this post card.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vintage Postcard from Dublin Ireland Sackville Street

This is a great vintage postcard of Dublin Ireland that came from a collection I bought at auction. It is dated Nov 18 08 and comes from Virginia Co. Ireland. Must of been sent in an envelope since no post mark and written message covers the whole back side.

Picture is of Sackville Street & O'Connel Bridge Dublin. Great picture with people in the dress of the time. Horses pulling carriages and the Street car advertising View Books.

The building is advertising Vinolia. When I put Vinolia into a Internet search I found out that it was a bath soap company and that they supplied this soap to the first class passengers of the Titanic. You can still buy this soap over the internet and is popular due to the Titanic connection.
Great old post card that is 110 years old.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Funny Postcard with Curvy Woman Sitting by Side of Road

Cute post card I found among some postcards I bought at an auction months ago. This one is postmarked 1954 so over 50 years old.

Young red head lady sitting by the side of the road under a Slow Down sign. I love the nylons, no panty hose but the old stockings that were held with a garter belt.

I'm Using My Head .... And Havin' A Swell Time!

Post card is copyrighted by Curt Tiech & co C 759

Postmarked from Michigan... hard to read town does have Oak in name. He does say he is in Romeo Michigan 6/8/1954.

Addressed to Ed Foster of Newton Kansas and is from Barney 200 lb brakeman. He says he arrived here no trouble Weather is fine and he is having a good time.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Darling Puppy Getting All Wet 50+ years old Vintage Postcard

What a cute vintage postcard featuring a little dog. The fire hydrant is getting him wet instead of him visiting the fire hydrant .

Says " Back Fire ! " Cute and colorful.

Post card is used and postmarked August 25, 1954 San Bernadino California.

Addressed to Susan Stahlheber of Newton Kansas .

Written is

Hi Muffet

Isn't this a cute little puppy? It looks like he is getting a little wet. That's what mommys gonna due. I had my hair set and nails done.

This sweet card is over 50 years old.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sweet Saturday Postcards

Missed Friendship Friday because of work so here I am on Saturday posting this cute postcard from the 1930's.

Love these little vintage postcards expressing love to someone.

Used post card sent to Newton, Kansas from Abilene, Kansas. Postmarked 1930. Written in pencil and hard to make out exactly. Looks like Jim arrived at 6:25 with not a bit of trouble. Asking for Kansas papers to be saved. Something about look at all the houses and everything. Edd home this week. Sure rained alot. Was sent to Mr. E C Foster but addressed to Lady

Sad this did not stay in family. Must tell some story about someone traveling.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

On Lake Minnetonka Minnesota on the Express Boat

Another day on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. This vintage postcard is showing the Express boat

Bottom of post card has No638 VO Hamilton Pub Co Minneapolis and Chicago. Copyrighted 1906 by Sweet.

This beautiful post card is used and postmarked Tonka Minn Jul 23 1908

Addressed to Mrs. Altha Wells of Ortonville Minn. Her friend writes that she has been looking for a letter that has come and that writer wishes she would visit. Does not say who post card is from. May have initials written among the writing of CBH.

This is another post card from our personal collection. We had family in this area but this is not a relative of ours.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lake Minnetoka Minnesota Big Island Park Lake

More from Lake Minnetoka.

This beautiful postcard is titled

At Big Island Park Lake Minnetoka Minn

In the middle of the lake is pictured Twin City Lines the ferry boat.

Post card is unused. Marked on the back V O Hammon Publishing Co. Chicago.

Has a spot for a stamp 1 cent domestic or 2 cent foreign

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lake Minnetonka Minnesota & The Ferry

Today I am back on Lake Minnetonka sharing another from our personal collection.

This is the Ferry that travels on Lake Minnetoka, it is going through the Narrows. The coloring is beautiful and is just as beautiful today as it was then.

Post card is used but in very good condition with a little corner wear. No stamp

Message is " This is my Birthday Aug 13,1918 & I am 77 years old Grandma.

Addressed to Ruby Claire Bennett Post Office Station #1 Lincoln Nebraska

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Having Fun As We Learn About Our Hobbies and Collections

Searching for more information on identifying postcards and photos. Found this wonderful site. So much to see. I have given a link here and also in my blogs to watch. While part of their site is a blog it is full of information and links to learn more.

Have fun searching though it as time allows

Thanks for stopping by.. grace

Friday, October 9, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday Seductive Poker Hands

For Postcard Friendship Friday I am sharing this wonderful old Vintage Postcard. Has a handsome gentleman playing poker with a buddy.
He is holding the hand of this beautiful lady who is seductively placing a hand on his shoulder.
Says " If I'd Have Held This Hand Ten Years Ago I'd Have A ......... " Full House " Now!
Unused postcard , only marking on back is a line down the center. I am dating this postcard 1907 to 1914. Making this postcard approximately 100 years old.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lake Minnetonka Minn and the Steam Boats

Part of our collection of vintage postcards are ones that involve my husband's family history. He grew up in an area called Lake Minnetoka and Excelsior, Minnesota. For awhile we collected postcards from this area. Today I am showing the first of many. This one shows the Steam Boat Docks at Big Island Park on Lake Minnetonka, Minn Operated by Twin City Lines which was a rail and bus company .

The postcard shows women in long dresses and wearing hats and men in their good suits.

This post card is # 621 V. O. Hammon Pub. Co. Minneapolis and Chicago copyrighted 906 by Sweet.

Back of postcard is postmarked June 6 1910 St. Paul Minnesota and addressed to Mr. Fred Weaver Shelby Ohio.

The written message is
Hello Fritzie
As I went through Akron Ohio two weeks ago I sam Jim Shetler who informed me you were in Shelby, a friend and I are touring the U.S. this summeryours, Frank L. H.

Condition is very good with a little wear on the corners. Beautiful colors. A true treasure of a past time in Minnesota history.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

Friday, October 2, 2009

Postcard Friday # 1 Lighthouse at Entrance of Duluth Minnesota

Today I am sharing this beautiful postcard from Duluth and its Lighthouse for my first Friendship Friday.
Duluth is where I spent most of my life. I arrived at 5 years and moved to the big city of St. Paul at age of 42. I still consider Duluth my home and will go back someday.
This post card is not as old as some of mine but is so beautiful. Printed by Zenith Interstate News Co. Duluth, Minn and is unused.
Through this narrow canal, entrance to the Duluth Superior Harbor, annually passes more freight tonnage than is handled by any other American port excepting that of New York City. Iron ore from the great iron ranges lying to the north of Duluth, wheat from the northwest, meat , butter , eggs and other dairy products, form an important part of this commerce.
Thank you for visiting... Grace

Thursday, October 1, 2009

East Coast Lighthouse Vintage Postcard 1906

Tonight's lighthouse has no identification to tell me where it is located.
From the maker of the post card I would put it on the east coast.
Was made by The Metropolitan News Co , Boston Mass.

There are two post marks .. first one is dated August 30, Surfside Mass and the second one August 31, 1906 Providence Rhode Island.

Addressed to Mrs. Jennie Horton of Providence R I and no other message.

What a beautiful vintage postcard.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace