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Sunshine Award
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Friday, April 22, 2011

A JOYOUS EASTER ~ VINTAGE POSTCARD EARLY 1900's To Emil Batt from Orando Gregg

Hope that you all are having a great Easter weekend. Here is a pretty vintage postcard from the early 1900's.
A Joyous Easter is the heading. Features an adorable child reading a cook book on how to cook Egg while four adorable little bunnies hold their colored eggs.

Post card is not stamped or dated but is addressed to Master Emil Batt from Orando Gregg.
There is no address so this does not tell me where they were living at this time period.
Dear Emil
I hope you had a
happy Easter and I hope
you are better
I hope you going to be
home before we move
We are going to move

on grandpa's place a
week from Saturday
postcard was printed in Germany

Thanks for stopping by.. hope that you have enjoyed my vintage Easter postcard.. Grace