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Sunshine Award
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visiting Colorado Through Vintage Postcards

I am continuing through Colorado and my vintage postcards. It is of the U. S. Mint and Colfax Ave. Denver Colorado. Showing city and county buildings,library, north end of civic center, capitol and cathedral.

A great number of Denver's important structures are grouped along stately Colfax Avenue within a space of a few blocks. Among them are the Capitol, the State Office Building, Cathedral, Civic Center, Library. City and County Building and the U. S. Mint. The Denver mint is one of the three in operations in the United States.

No date on this post card but stamp holds a one cent stamp.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Visiting Colorado Through Vintage Postcards

Continuing my trip through Colorado with my vintage postcards.

Today's postcard is of the Grave of Buffalo Bill, Lookout Mountain, Colorado.

Inscription on Monument over " Buffalo Bill's" Grave

In Memoriam
Colonel William Frederick Cody
" Buffalo Bill "
Noted Scout and Indian fighter
born February 26, 1846 Scout County, Iowa
died January 10, 1917 Denver, Colorado
Louisa M Cody, his wife also buried here.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Visiting Colorado through vintage postcards Elephant Rock near Palmer Lake

Today I am visiting Colorado. My father was born in Craig Colorado and his family lived in Colorado until my grandfather Perry moved on to Washington . My great grandfather Adam lived and died in Colorado. So for his memory is this beautiful vintage postcard.

This post card is of Elephant Rock, near Palmer Lake, Colorado. It is postmarked 1941.
Palmer Lake is a little over 400 miles from Craig Colorado.
Elephant Rock, near Palmer Lake, close to the railroad is to been seen one of the most curious rock formations to be found in Colorado. The sandstone has been weathered into the very realistic shape of an elephant, and is an object of interest to all who travel this way.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Vintage Easter Postcard # 5 A Joyous Easter Bunny's with Eggs to Cook

This is one of the cutest vintage postcards I have in my collection. It has a young child reading a recipe for cooking eggs, with him is 5 bunnies all with eggs.

No postmark but from the early 1900's. Addressed to Master Emil Batt from Orlando Gregg.
Dear Emil
I hope you had
a happy Easter and
I hope you are better.
I hope you going to be home
before we move. We are going
to move on grandpas place a
week from Saturday

states printed in Germany L & H series 2354

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