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Monday, November 29, 2010

Vintage Postcard Bataille de la Marne 1914

Some time ago I picked up at an estate some vintage World War 1 era postcards. This one is listed as #115 Bataille de la Marne ... Heiltz le Maurupt with the date of 1914 at top of postcard.

Heiltz-le-Maurupt is a commune in the Marne department in north-eastern France.

Shown is a beautiful old building with rubble around it. Sad to see a beautiful building in ruins. Back of post card is unused but is brown at edges.
I will be posting more vintage postcards from this time period over the next few days.

Thanks to all who stop by.. Grace

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vintage Postcard sending Thanksgiving Wishes #2

Here is another of my vintage Postcard that is sending Thanksgiving Wishes. This beautiful card is from the early 1900's with a divided back. It has not been used so no message for us.

What a beautiful Turkey under a big old tree. Looks like some kind of fruit tree, oranges maybe.

Hope that you will stop back again and see other vintage Thanksgiving postcards I will be sharing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Wishes in Vintage Postcards on Wordless Wednesday #1

Today for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday I am sharing one of my vintage Thanksgiving Postcards. This one is from the early 1900's with its divided back and is unused.

What a pretty country scene with a large beautiful turkey peeking at us.

The simple message is

BEST Wishes for a happy Thanksgiving.

Hope that you will take a moment and view some of my other vintage postcards. I will be posting more of my Thanksgiving cards over the next days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Thank you for stopping by.. Grace

Monday, November 8, 2010

Visiting Saskatchewan 1943 With A Vintage Postcard

Today's posting is a vintage look at Saskatchewan Canada. The view is Second avenue looking north. Street scene shows drug store, cafe and other businesses. The cars parked are so beautiful in their vintage glory.

This is another family postcard passed down to me from my parents. It is written May of 1943. My father writing to my mother. They were not married until October in a whirlwind romance. They met in May and my father courted her before he left and through postcards. He says " I miss you more than I thought I would. "

They were married over 50 years. I am so glad that this post card was also saved.

Thanks for stopping by... Hope that you will take a moment and view some of my other postcards. Grace

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friendship Friday Vintage Postcard To Be Displayed In Historical Center

Hello vintage post card lovers. Here is an update to my last posting about Princeton, Minnesota postcard. One of the buildings has a Sherwin Williams advertising sign.

Well I received an email yesterday from the Midwestern Division President.

Email as follows

I am the President of Sherwin-Williams Midwestern Division. I happened to see your blog and noticed the postcard with the Sherwin Williams sign on the side of the building. It was very interesting. We (Sherwin Williams) have a historic "Center of Excellence" in our corporateheadquarters in Cleveland, OH. I was wondering if you would be willing to have a copy made of that postcard that could be displayed in our Centerof Excellence. I am willing to compensate you for your trouble.

I have made a very nice copy of my postcard and will be mailing it off to be displayed in their historical center. I am glad that my great grandfather Appleton held on to this card and that was passed on to me by my mother. A copy of this will now be displayed in the Historical Center for Sherwin Williams.

Now I have to untangle the mystery behind the postcard to Great Grandpa Appleton.
Thanks for stopping by.. Happy Friendship Friday


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mysteries Can Be Found In Vintage Family Postcards

Great vintage postcards are not only fun to look at but can be great additions to our genealogy family histories.

Today's posting is of an old card of Princeton Minnesota and the street scene of Eastern Ave. Post mark is hard to read, with magnifying glass looks like could be 1909 . At the bottom left of the post card is written copyrighted 1909. So that makes this postcard 101 years old.

The street scene has many businesses including Williams Paint on a sign on first building on the left and on the right middle of the block is a sign for a bakery and restaurant plus other signs that I can not make out. I did a search on Sherwin Williams and found they started in 1866 so this is an old sign advertising their paint

There are residents on the left and one person walking on the right hand side. Most interesting is in the middle of the postcard are two wires in the sky and something is hanging from one. My thought is that it is a person crossing the street on the wire some how.

It is addressed to Appleton Esler of Mora Minnesota who was my grandma's step father .
What is written in pencil is hard to understand.

Dear Appleton
? cant possibly meet ? this week and I am not able to do my work now
Please don't send her ? a few days yet as I cant get any one to help me.
signed by maybe Jane? ( who is this )

This is a mystery to me. I do not know a lot about great grandpa Appleton as of now. He married my great grandmother in 1893 and raised my grandmother as his. He was married once or twice before.

If you have not thought of adding vintage postcards to your family history books you may want to think about that.

I will be adding this posting to my genealogy blog at . Stop over there if you have any interest in genealogy.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace