Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award
We All Need A Little Sunshine Daily

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Traveling The USA Through Vintage Postcards Sunny Isles Lutheran Church Florida

Today's posting shows the new Sunny Isles Lutheran Church in the heart of motel row.

One block off Collins Avenue at 178th street.  The only protestant church in the North Beach area ,

serving motel row, Sunny Isles, Golden Shores , Golden Beach Golden Isles and Eastern Shores

J Beder Miller Paster.

Pretty chrome postcard is not posted or stamped.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Traveling The USA With Vintage Postcards Silver Spring Florida

Today's post card is a vintage linen with white border.

 Pictured is the Big Spring at Silver Springs in Florida.

Largest flowing springs in the world over 750 million gallons daily.  Electric driven glass bottom

boats.  Greatest depth 80 feet.  Temperature of water is 72 degrees winter and summer.  Shown from

sunrise to sunset, in all weather every day of the year.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Traveling The USA With Vintage Postcards Des Moines Iowa Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument

Today's vintage postcard is of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Des Moines Iowa

Photo by J W Roulette Des Moines

Postcard is not posted or written on.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Traveling The USA With Post Cards Iowa City Iowa Old Capital Administration Building University

Today's post card is of the Administration Building ( the old capitol) at the University of Iowa

in Iowa City Iowa.

Colorful postcard with white boarder and linen material.

Has not been posted or stamped.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Vintage Postcard Zerolene Lubricated Aeroplane Auto Mobile Race Fresno California Sepia Saturday

Today's posting is showing this wonderful vintage postcard showing Zerolene lubricated this

Aeroplane Automobile race at Fresno California.

Wonderful postcard shows the race of a plane and an automobile.

Stamped and postmarked Cleveland Ohio .

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Vintage Postcards Greetings From Hopkins Minnesota Friendship Friday

Today's posting is of a vintage postcard featuring Greetings from Hopkins Minnesota.

No stamp or postmark but addressed to Louisa Masenberg of Jordan Minnesota and

from her sister Minnie of Hopkins Minnesota

We will be selling this beautiful colorful postcard on eBay.

This would be a great find for anyone in the family of  Louisa.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vintage Postcard Greetings From New Prague Minnesota to Louisa Masenbrink

Today I am sharing a vintage postcard showing Greetings From New Prague Minnesota

Beautiful and colorful and addressed to Louisa Marenbrink of  Jordan Minnesota.

Will be offered on eBay in our store.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Vintage Tuck's Postcard The Emerald Isle and American Flag

Today's posting is sharing a beautiful vintage Tuck's Postcard titled The Emerald Isle Series #157.

Stamped and Postmarked March 15th 1911 and addressed to Helen McCann of West Liberty Iowa.

Features a beautiful antique American Flag.

Postcard will be for sale on eBay.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happy Birthday November Babies Vintage Postcard Greetings

This beautiful vintage postcard wishes all the November babies Happy Birthday.

Post card is divided and unused.

If you were born in November your birthstone is Topaz, Flower is Carnation

Persons born in this month are very intense in their nature.  They throw themselves heart and soul

into their work, and wear themselves out by to great ardor.  The music of the spheres can be heard by

these persons. It rests with the persons themselves whether these priceless gifts are developed or not.

They can only be acquired by self control, abstemiousness or not.  The women usually rule their

households.  They are good mothers but apt to be impatient and blunt of speech.

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