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Sunshine Award
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Luck and a Happy New Year 1911 Vintage Postcard

Here is another very pretty vintage New Years postcard in my collection.

From 1911 it wishes us

Good Luck and a Happy New Year

May good fortune favour you

I love the adorable little person sitting in the golden horse shoe

Postmarked Dec 30, 1911 from Sioux city Iowa to Mr. Geo Marchis of North Dakota

Sadly I can not really make out the message since it is written in tiny writing and signed Mr. O'Keefe.

I am sharing this at Red Wednesday


  1. What a precious card - a great treasure! And the horseshoe is facing the correct direction!

  2. Great postcard, and I echo the comment that it's good to see one with a horseshoe positioned the right way up, i.e. to keep the luck in. All the horseshoe postcards I have show the horseshoe the other way up.

  3. I have added you to my links, getting caught up! :)

    Have a lucky day! :)

  4. I love that the horseshoe is also a swing. Very sweet.

  5. Thank you all for visiting. It is an adorable swinging horse shoe

  6. I love New Year postcards. Don't you think we should bring those back? Wouldn't that be a fun thing to receive in the mail?

  7. Such a beautiful card! This year I started collecting old postcards, mostly ones with our flag on them. I'm hoping to find a patriotic Christmas one soon, but no luck so far!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy New Year!