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Sunshine Award
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Friday, June 15, 2012

~ WHISPERS FROM THE PAST~ The Allure of Vintage Post cards

It has been a long time since I posted here. For a while I just shared some of my vintage postcards on my other blog site.  After seeing that I am getting a lot of page views on this blog even though I am not posting I have decided to spend more time here again. I know that there are others out there who have the same love of old postcards as I do.

So I am back, here I am.  Todays title is Whispers From The Past The Allure of Vintage Postcards.  As old pictures can do post cards can show us another time.  As you pick up the post card I wonder who owned this post card?  What was their life like and if not written on why not.  If it is written and stamped which is my favorite I get to peek into their lives for just a moment.

Todays posting is a real picture post card. It is a wonderful example of a peek into someone's life.
Pictured is a young girl feeding chickens. Lots of chickens of different colors.  In the back ground is a farm house.

The back of the post card tells me it is from the early 1900s.
Post card was not used so we do not know who this little girl is or where she lived. Post card is aged with brown spots and wear on the edges. I think it is a treasure of a post card.  It of course will be put up for sale on ebay and etsy, but until it leaves my house it is mine to enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Until we meet again take a moment and look around at the other vintage postcards I have shared here. Grace