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Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Cheer I Wish You For 2011 Vintage New Year Postcard

This is the last of my vintage New Year postcards. They are so pretty. I love this one. The snow is falling and we have a carriage with two pretty horses taking the some one to a party.

There is even some one playing a horn at the back of carriage. So festive don't you agree.

Best wishes for much happiness and prosperity in the New Year

This post card is also from the time period of 1907 to 1914 with the divided back and the word post card on it.

No message so we can not peek into what some one was thinking as they bought it.

I want to wish all my Friendship Friday friends a Happy New Year .. Grace

I am sharing this on Friendship Friday.. why not check out what others are posting..

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Beautiful Vintage NEW YEAR Post Card

Here is another of my beautiful vintage New Year post cards. It is post marked and stamped but date is not readable.

This post card was sent to
Miss Elsie Armsloz of Sioux City
Wishing you a Happy New Year
from Mrs. Chas Elibectott
from Wisconsin

I think I have the names right but could be off a letter.
This is from the early 1900's with a divided back and the word post card
marked Stegher Quality made in USA series 337 D
I hope that you are enjoying my vintage postcards and will come back real soon. Grace
I will be sharing this at Vintage Thingie Thursday

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Vintage New Years Post Card Watching The Sands Of Time

Count down to a New Year... it is hard to believe it will be 2011 in just a few days.
With this darling vintage postcard, we have a darling young angel watching the sands of time pass.
Just waiting for the New Year to come and his turn to be in the spot light.

Happy New Year
Happy hours and happy days
Happiness a million ways,
May the new year bring to you
With great success in all you do.

I guess it can not be said much better than that in this simple postcard that was published by the Gibson Art Co. of Cincinnati.

The back is divided and is probably from the time period of 1907 to 1914.

I am sharing this with

Three Or More Tuesday

Thank you for stopping by.. I hope that you will take a moment and see some of my other vintage postcards and please come back again real soon.... Grace

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Luck and a Happy New Year 1911 Vintage Postcard

Here is another very pretty vintage New Years postcard in my collection.

From 1911 it wishes us

Good Luck and a Happy New Year

May good fortune favour you

I love the adorable little person sitting in the golden horse shoe

Postmarked Dec 30, 1911 from Sioux city Iowa to Mr. Geo Marchis of North Dakota

Sadly I can not really make out the message since it is written in tiny writing and signed Mr. O'Keefe.

I am sharing this at Red Wednesday

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Bright New Year Message In Our 1900's Vintage Postcard

Well good evening every one.

It is Christmas night and we have had a wonderful holiday.

Spent time with come of our children and grandchildren.

The fun will continue next week with more visiting of family.

We are now nearing New Years Eve and time to share some of my vintage New Years Postcards.
Isn't this a pretty scene with the barren trees and the peaceful creek.
The vintage postcards is unused. I am guessing that it is from the early 1900's. Our pretty card tells us this wonderful message

A Bright New year

In hope your New Year will be spent
in cheer and comfort and content.
And every task you set to do
Will bring a bright reward to you
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me... please take a moment and look at some of my other vintage postcards.
I sure hope that you stop by again really soon... Grace

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wishing You A Merry Christmas With A Few Thoughts From Me

Meet my great nephews and neice.. are they not adorable.. Boy do I miss seeing those faces weekly.
As this wonderful Christmas holiday approaches us I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and pray that we all welcome in a wonderful New Year. I pray that our next year is better and more prosperous than the last for all of us.
As we share the holidays with our family and friends lets please think and pray for those that are less fortunate then us. Pray for the hungry, the homeless and those suffering from addictions , diseases and mental illness. My one thought always is " but for the grace of God there go I ".
Lets take a moment and pray for our service men and service women. And for those that are in harms way in a foreign country give them an extra thought and prayer. Pray for their families that are left here to deal with every day happenings without them. The majority of them do so much for so little.
Lets pray for our government officials that they have the wisdom to do what is best for all of us and the knowledge to do it with out fighting.
If you are still blessed to have your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts be thankful. Take a moment to hug and kiss them. Take a few minutes and ask them to share their stories with you. Some day sadly they will be gone and you will then wish that you knew more of their history.
I am reminded of a conversation at my hubby's birthday party. I made a comment about getting married the first time and my step son and his family had never heard that story. I have been married to husband #2 for almost 22 years. We celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 30Th of December. They know very little about my history. That is probably my fault and maybe some of theirs.

This is hubby and me 10 years ago at a dinner theater on New Years eve. Guess it is time to get a new nice picture of us. He still has the tie and I probably still have that outfit. Question is can I still get into it.
So much contact today is emails and text messages. I personally detest text messages saying" happy anything " Take a moment and call your family. Here a voice and say I love you to some one. When I get one I just delete it as if it did not happen.
Except for one text message from my grand daughter Kirsten. She sent me one and it is of a loud " Kiss " and "I Love You "I play it often. It was not sent for a birthday, Christmas message or any reason other than she thought of me and sent it. Grandpa got one too. Thanks Kirsten I smile when I replay it.
I am busy always searching and writing about my ancestors but I guess it is time to do some sharing of my life in writing. How I wish I had more of my parents, grandparents and past relatives stories. There are so many stories untold. As I share some of my life on my family blog site I have been printing some of them so I can give to family in the future.
Now with all of that I will leave you for now. It is time to make another pot of coffee, put on one of my favorite Christmas movies " Love Actually " with Hugh Grant and make my Watergate Salad for our Christmas eve party tonight.
I appreciate all of you that take a moment to visit my sites and to those of you who leave a message an extra thank you . Merry Christmas to you and your families .. Grace

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa Is Wishing You A Merry Christmas Vintage Postcard 1915

Christmas is really creeping up on us, isn't it. This is my first Christmas in Minnesota in five years. Hubby and I spent 3 years in Southern California and then 1 1/2 in in Texas. No snow for all those Christmas.

We are now in Duluth and there is snow on the ground. Even though I hate the cold, icy roads and everything that goes with winter, it is so beautiful.

Here is another of my vintage Christmas postcards... we have Santa in his red suit going down the chimney. What happens if you do not have a chimney? That is what I wondered when I was a little girl.

This lovely card is postmarked 1915 Wisconsin and sent to a child by the last name of Butler of Janesville Wisconsin. Sadly the postmark goes over the first name.

Message is Dear Letha (hard to make out first name with the writing). I have never heard of Letha.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and many presents. I am sure you have been a good girl and deserve them.
with love
Wilma L Bouibeau ?

Front of postcard says
Here I come the broad
chimney flue,
Bringing best Christmas wishes to you!

I am sharing this on Vintage Thingie Thursday

My wish to all of you is to have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage 1912 Postcard Wishing You a Merry Christmas From Minnesota

I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas with this vintage 1912 Christmas Postcard.

Here we have a large gold bell ringing holiday cheer.

Bottom of card says design copyrighted only 1912 by Heymann.

Postmarked on the back December 24 Lake City Minnesota
addressed to
Mr George Merches of North Dakota
Message is From
your old school mate Rosa Krismer
Thanks for stopping by to view my vintage postcard.
I hope that you will return again real soon.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friendship Friday Vintage Postcard Of A Winter Beauty

For Friendship Friday today I am sharing one of my favorite vintage Christmas postcard.

It is titled Winter Beauty and is she not beautiful. Centered in a winter wonderland she is all decked out with a red coat with fur collar and sleeve trimmed in fur and matching muff. I love her black at trimmed with a flower in the center.

This postcard is dated 1909 and addressed to Mr. George Merches of Elbow Lake Minnesota and is from sister Gertrude.

Gertrude writes
Dear brother,
I received your cards and was glad you thought of me
must say I had been waiting to hear from you.
Olson's had a surprise party yesterday. John is home as he is not well
he could not work any more. Maths (Linders or Finders) sister was
here. I tell you she is fine wish you could have seen her.
You would not believe she was his sister. I had a card
from her she ?
Best love to you answer soon
from sister Gertrude

post card is in good shape, showing some wear on edges with creases on the corners. Stamp has been removed.

I love finding and selling these old postcards but always so sad that they get separated from their families.

Happy Friendship Friday to all

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Joyous Christmas 1900's Vintage Postcard

What a simple and pretty vintage postcard we are featuring today. Early 1900's but with no date so we have no reference to who it belonged to. I love these old postcards with just a sweet message.

A Joyous Christmas
For You and those
whom you hold dear
I wish a Christmas
full of cheer.

Thank you for stopping by to view another of my vintage postcards. Please stop by again soon... Grace

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1914 A Merry Christmas Postcard To The Friend Family

Today's pretty vintage Christmas postcard is addressed to Masters Percy and Orville Friend of O'Fallen, Illinois. The date is 1914 and is postmarked Colorado and from Aunt Grace and Uncle Dan and Dee.

A Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. We're going to have a 6 ft Xmas tree in North Park. I love these old postcards but so sad they are separated from their family.
I went to and put in the Illinois search engine Percy Friend and found this young man in the 1920 census.

1920 United States Federal Census about Percy Friend
Percy Friend
Home in 1920:
O'Fallon, St. Clair, Illinois
Estimated birth year:
abt 1906
Relation to Head of House:
Father's name:
Larue Friend
Father's Birth Place:
Mother's name:
Julia Friend
Mother's Birth Place:
Marital Status:
Able to read:
Able to Write:
View others on page
Household Members:
Larue Friend
Julia Friend
Larue Friend
Percy Friend
Orville Friend
John P Brown
Should you know this family you may want to pass on this posting. This postcard is for sale would be nice for them to have in their family collection.
Thanks for stopping by... Grace

Monday, December 13, 2010

1909 Merry Christmas Vintage Postcard

This pretty vintage Christmas post card is dated December 23, 1909 from Bennie of Minnesota and sent to George Merches of Oldham South Dakota.
Take a peek at the old American Red Cross sticker.
Thanks for stopping by to visit. Hope that you enjoyed my Christmas postcard. Please visit again soon... Grace

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friendship Friday - The Joy Of Christmas In Vintage Postcards

15 days to Christmas, it is creeping up on me. Today's post card is not as old as other but so adorable. It is from 1977 and addressed to Grandma Foster of Newton Kansas from Carol, Matt and Jeff. Your penned in comment is " You are one of our many blessings".
Happy Postcard Friendship Friday to all.. Grace

Monday, December 6, 2010

Memories of Winter Through Vintage Postcards

I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. It snowed by the first of December and stayed with us till spring. As a child I loved it. I would be outside playing, sliding down our little hill or trying to ski down this same hill. It really was not much of hill. That was the extent of my sking.

Here I am on my one and only pair of skies. It was about 1961. No hat, mittens and this was a fake leather jacket. Not very warm clothing. No wonder my grandfather was always yelling at me to put on a hat and gloves. This is our back hard and at the top of this little hill.

What I really loved to do was ice skate. The rink was at my grade school which was just 3 to 4 blocks away. I could spend hours there. How I hated it when the boys would take over the rink to play hockey. Maybe that is why I am not interested in hockey today. Rotten little boys hogging the rink.

Today's post card is a skiers view from the slopes of Elk Mountain Ski Center in Northeast Pa. near Scranton, Carbondale and Forest City. Here skiers prepare for a run to the ski lodge below.

Back of post card states this beautiful photo is by Ralph E Menne.

I especially find the tree beautiful and how it frames this postcard. But I love trees and I am always taking pictures of them. I just may have to post a few on my Live Goes On One Photo At A Time blog.

My mama was an amateur painter and once painted me a picture of a dead tree on a hill. I love that painting.
Thanks for stopping by.. hope to see you again soon.. Grace

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vintage French Postcard La Grande Guerre 1914 - 1918

Here is another vintage French postcard showing the scenes of the war. La Grande Guerre 1914-1918 Bombardmentaerien de Bar le duc. Such devastation seen in this photo. Go to to read an article on wikipedia. If you go to . you can see the pictured below. Looks like it could be from the same area as my post card.

Thanks for stopping by to see my postcard. Hope that you will take a moment to view other postcards and come back again soon. Grace

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vintage Postcard Bataille de la Marne 1914

Some time ago I picked up at an estate some vintage World War 1 era postcards. This one is listed as #115 Bataille de la Marne ... Heiltz le Maurupt with the date of 1914 at top of postcard.

Heiltz-le-Maurupt is a commune in the Marne department in north-eastern France.

Shown is a beautiful old building with rubble around it. Sad to see a beautiful building in ruins. Back of post card is unused but is brown at edges.
I will be posting more vintage postcards from this time period over the next few days.

Thanks to all who stop by.. Grace

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vintage Postcard sending Thanksgiving Wishes #2

Here is another of my vintage Postcard that is sending Thanksgiving Wishes. This beautiful card is from the early 1900's with a divided back. It has not been used so no message for us.

What a beautiful Turkey under a big old tree. Looks like some kind of fruit tree, oranges maybe.

Hope that you will stop back again and see other vintage Thanksgiving postcards I will be sharing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Wishes in Vintage Postcards on Wordless Wednesday #1

Today for (Almost) Wordless Wednesday I am sharing one of my vintage Thanksgiving Postcards. This one is from the early 1900's with its divided back and is unused.

What a pretty country scene with a large beautiful turkey peeking at us.

The simple message is

BEST Wishes for a happy Thanksgiving.

Hope that you will take a moment and view some of my other vintage postcards. I will be posting more of my Thanksgiving cards over the next days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Thank you for stopping by.. Grace

Monday, November 8, 2010

Visiting Saskatchewan 1943 With A Vintage Postcard

Today's posting is a vintage look at Saskatchewan Canada. The view is Second avenue looking north. Street scene shows drug store, cafe and other businesses. The cars parked are so beautiful in their vintage glory.

This is another family postcard passed down to me from my parents. It is written May of 1943. My father writing to my mother. They were not married until October in a whirlwind romance. They met in May and my father courted her before he left and through postcards. He says " I miss you more than I thought I would. "

They were married over 50 years. I am so glad that this post card was also saved.

Thanks for stopping by... Hope that you will take a moment and view some of my other postcards. Grace

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friendship Friday Vintage Postcard To Be Displayed In Historical Center

Hello vintage post card lovers. Here is an update to my last posting about Princeton, Minnesota postcard. One of the buildings has a Sherwin Williams advertising sign.

Well I received an email yesterday from the Midwestern Division President.

Email as follows

I am the President of Sherwin-Williams Midwestern Division. I happened to see your blog and noticed the postcard with the Sherwin Williams sign on the side of the building. It was very interesting. We (Sherwin Williams) have a historic "Center of Excellence" in our corporateheadquarters in Cleveland, OH. I was wondering if you would be willing to have a copy made of that postcard that could be displayed in our Centerof Excellence. I am willing to compensate you for your trouble.

I have made a very nice copy of my postcard and will be mailing it off to be displayed in their historical center. I am glad that my great grandfather Appleton held on to this card and that was passed on to me by my mother. A copy of this will now be displayed in the Historical Center for Sherwin Williams.

Now I have to untangle the mystery behind the postcard to Great Grandpa Appleton.
Thanks for stopping by.. Happy Friendship Friday


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mysteries Can Be Found In Vintage Family Postcards

Great vintage postcards are not only fun to look at but can be great additions to our genealogy family histories.

Today's posting is of an old card of Princeton Minnesota and the street scene of Eastern Ave. Post mark is hard to read, with magnifying glass looks like could be 1909 . At the bottom left of the post card is written copyrighted 1909. So that makes this postcard 101 years old.

The street scene has many businesses including Williams Paint on a sign on first building on the left and on the right middle of the block is a sign for a bakery and restaurant plus other signs that I can not make out. I did a search on Sherwin Williams and found they started in 1866 so this is an old sign advertising their paint

There are residents on the left and one person walking on the right hand side. Most interesting is in the middle of the postcard are two wires in the sky and something is hanging from one. My thought is that it is a person crossing the street on the wire some how.

It is addressed to Appleton Esler of Mora Minnesota who was my grandma's step father .
What is written in pencil is hard to understand.

Dear Appleton
? cant possibly meet ? this week and I am not able to do my work now
Please don't send her ? a few days yet as I cant get any one to help me.
signed by maybe Jane? ( who is this )

This is a mystery to me. I do not know a lot about great grandpa Appleton as of now. He married my great grandmother in 1893 and raised my grandmother as his. He was married once or twice before.

If you have not thought of adding vintage postcards to your family history books you may want to think about that.

I will be adding this posting to my genealogy blog at . Stop over there if you have any interest in genealogy.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Friday, October 29, 2010

FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY The Beauty Of Duluth and Lake Superior

Here is another beautiful vintage postcard from my collection of Duluth Minnesota and Lake Superior. Today is Friendship Friday and you can view other contributors at
This one is the Aerial Lift Bridge and Ship Canal Entrance to Duluth Superior Harbor.
We are living on park point which is on the left hand side of the bridge as you are looking at it. Every day we cross this bridge to go into the Duluth down town. I love to the view of the lake as we cross the bridge.
Of course you need to try and time your crossing of the bridge as every half hour the bridge may go up to let boats go in and out of the harbor.
From the back of the post card is the following statement
The unique Aerial Lift Bridge and Ship Canal Entrance to Duluth Superior Harbor is an outstanding attraction of this popular summer vacation city. Total bridge load is 900 tons. Only 55 seconds are required to lift the span 135 feet. The Harbor is second only to that of New York City in shipping tonnage and through it passes about 60 percent of America's iron ore production from the great iron ores just north of Duluth.
Post card is unused .. printed by Zenith Interstate News Co Duluth, Minnesota and requires a one cent stamp.
This is not one of my oldest but is a beautiful postcard in my collection.

thanks for stopping by.. I hope that you take a few minutes and look at some of my other vintage Duluth postcards

Monday, October 25, 2010

Duluth Minnesota Through Vintage Postcard Duluth Boat Club

Here is a great vintage postcard of the Duluth Boat Club, Duluth, Minnesota. This is an early postcard with the divided back. One side says this space for correspondence and other side says this space for address.

It has been used and is postmarked August 2, 1910 and addressed to

Mrs Kogl of St. Paul, Minn. and from Mrs A E Haynes

Written is

Dear Mrs. Kogh

Hope you are feeling well and also hope Marie is

With my regards and best wishes.

Very formal writing so not from a close friend or relative.

At the bottom written in pencil is

Lillian Turnquist Gen Del Duluth

Hope that you enjoy today's vintage Duluth Postcard... Please take a few minutes and look at some of my other vintage Duluth Postcards .. Grace


I love old vintage postcards, some can be over 100 years old. They were first commercially produced and introduced in the United States in 1893. These vintage post cards give us a glimpse into the past. They can show us places, and fashions and even humor of the past.
From this site I found this wonderful information all in one place. Take a moment and look at his site after wandering looking at my vintage postcards

The Postcard Eras:Pioneer Era (1873 - 1898): The earliest United States Postal Cards were those issued by the post office. Distribution of those cards started on May 12, 1873. The first commercial postcards produced in this country were sold at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago Illinois in 1893. These were the first privately printed souvenir postcards.

Private Mailing Card Era (1898 - 1901): American publishers were allowed to print and sell cards marked "Private Mailing Card, Authorized by Act of Congress on May 19, 1898." Required 1 cent postage. The back of the card was for the address only, messages had to be written on the front.

Undivided Back Era (1901 - 1907): The government granted private printers the right to use the term "Post Card" on the back of private postcards on December 24, 1901. The back was still for the address only. Most picture postcards of this era had a white space a the bottom or to the side of the picture where the name of the sender and a short messages could be written. The publication of Real Photo Postcards started during this era. During this era, other countries started to allow the use of divided back postcards (allowing a message on the address side). England was the first to allow divided back postcards in 1902, France followed in 1904, Germany in 1905, and finally the United States in 1907

Divided Back Era (1907 - 1914): Postcards with a divided back, allowing for writing on the address side, were allowed in March of 1907. The postcard collecting hobby flourished during this time. In an age without radio or television, picture postcards offered an inexpensive and accessible view of the world. Up to this point, most postcards had come from Germany. Germany was more advanced in lithographic printing and the early German printed cards are of exceptional quality. With the World War, however, postcards had to come from England or the United States

White Border Era (1915 - 1930): Most of these were printed in the U.S. A white border was left around the picture during the printing process to save on ink costs. The descriptions printed on the back of the postcard got a little longer during this era. These postcards cards were often of poorer quality than earlier cards. There were fewer greetings postcards during this period, but scenic, events, and other types of cards remained popular

Linen Era (1930 - 1944): There are lots of linens out there. A new printing process allowed use of a high rag content paper with a linen look. If you look closely at these cards, you can see a weave texture in the paper. This new process also allowed for the use of bright, gaudy ink colors, resulting in very vivid, but somewhat unnatural coloring of the postcard pictures. Some linens were printed with a white border and other were printed "full bleed" - with colors extending to the outside edge of the card. Curt Teich, a Chicago postcard publisher, flourished during this era.Although linen cards may seem abundant to the collector, there were actually fewer of these cards printed than in earlier eras. Postcard collecting was not a popular hobby during this period and few people kept postcard albums. Many linen postcards were disposed of after being received.

Photo chrome Era (1945 - Present): The photo chrome, or chrome postcard is the type of postcard in use today. The first cards printed with this process were introduced by the Union Oil Company in their Western service stations in 1939. Photo chrome cards feature colorful photographic images, but should not be confused with Real Photo postcards. The photo chromes are reproduced through a printing process, while real photo postcards were actual photographs printed on special postcard sized photographic paper.

I can not pass a pile of postcards with out stopping and looking through them. I love the older ones and those that are written on are my favorites.
What kind are your favorites. I would love to hear from you in the comment section.
Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Love Of History And Genealogy Through Vintage Post Cards

If you love vintage post cards ( pre 1940 ) , genealogy , history as seen in vintage post cards take a peek at a site I found by searching . I love to put vintage postcards with my family history to link a place or profession with my family history.
This is a collector of vintage post cards and links to other vintage postcards.
Hope that you enjoy

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friendship Friday Vintage Postcard Of The Original Hotel Duluth

Friday all ready.. oh my the older I get the faster time does go. Friendship Friday is a fun day. Others post and link their postcards at the link below.

Please take a moment and maybe check out some of my other postcards and then visit others at the link.

I have been sharing post cards from my home town Duluth, Minnesota. After 20 years I am back living here. We have rented the smallest of places and is truly a challenge but I love being close to Lake Superior and near my children and grandchildren.

Today's post card is of the Hotel Duluth. Written on back of post card is
Overlooking beautiful Lake Superior in the " air conditioned city" is Hotel Duluth, the finest and most modern hotel in the Arrowhead Region; 400 rooms with bath, Coffee shop, Dining room, excellent convention facilities and the famous Black Bear Lounge, with entertainment nightly.
It is now known as the Greysolon Plaza. In 1980 it was converted to apartments. Follow the link to read all about the Hotel Duluth/Greysolon Plaza and the story of the Black Bear Lounge. You can read of all the famous people who stayed there including President John F Kennedy.
Hope that you have enjoyed another piece of history here in Duluth Minnesota.
thanks for stopping by.. Grace

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vintage Postcards of Duluth Minnesota Continue West End From Hilltop Drive

This pretty colorful vintage postcard of Duluth is identified as West End Duluth from Hilltop Drive Duluth, Minnesota #35

Back of cards says... Travelers rank Duluth's Skyline Parkway stretching more than thirty miles along the rugged hills crowning the city as one of the world's most beautiful scenic drives. From it, in ever changing panorama , may be seen majestic Lake Superior, the harbor, St Louis Bay and picturesque St. Louis River, winding north through Jay Cooke Park

post card is unused and in pretty good shape with some wear on edges.

Hope that you are enjoying my vintage Duluth Minnesota postcards.. hope that you will take a moment and wander my site to see some of my other vintage postcards.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Duluth Minnesota Ore Docks Continues in Vintage Postcards

Here is another great vintage postcard of the Mammoth Ore Docks in Duluth Minnesota. This one is identified #20.

Back says... Sixty percent of the world's supply of Iron ore is obtained from the Cuyuna, Mesaba and Vermillion range in Northern Minnesota.

Post card is unused and quite colorful

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.. Hope that you will take a moment and see some of my other vintage postcards.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday Mesaba Ore Docks Duluth Minnesota

For Wordless Wednesday ( Almost) I am sharing a pretty post card of Mesabi Ore Docks Duluth Minnesota #32

Back of post card says

Sixty per cent of the iron ore produced in the United States and twenty five per cent of the world's production is mined on the great Vermilion, Cuyuna and Mesabi Range near Duluth. More than 44,000,000 tons of ore have been shipped through Duluth Superior harbor in a single season.

Post card is unused

You can read more about the Iron range at
I hope that you will take a moment to view some of my past postings of my postcards
Thanks for stopping by... Grace