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Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Festival of Postcards SIGNS

What better way to start my blog than to join the carnival at This month is about " SIGNS "
These are a couple of postcards I found at Antique stores. I am always on the look for postcards for my own collection or to resell on eBay.
My first post card is of downtown Denver, Colorado Sixteenth and Arapahoe Street. We can see the Post Office , Tammen Curio Company and at the right hand upper corner is a building listed as the Mining Exchange. Back of post card shows that that Charles Tucker of Del Norte Colorado had ordered something from the Tammen Company and they are acknowledging receipt of that order. Post card is dated 5/25/08
The second post card is newer and is showing the Union Stock Yards in Chicago. Showing is a Armour and a Swift sign.
It is a Curt Teich & Co. post card which is stated lower left corner.
I have a guide to help date post cards but this post card is newer than my guide goes, so I am still trying to date. Has stamp square for a one cent stamp. I am guessing around 1950 is when this post card was made. If anyone can help me I would appreciate help dating this post card.


  1. Greetings!
    It's just great to see another new postcard blog - and an added bonus that it's by an experienced Geneablogger.
    You can view your entry - and more than 30 others - here:
    I hope you can find something for our next Festival which is dedicated to WATER!
    Thanks for taking part and have a great day!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. I love your scans - so nice and large that you can see all the detail. Lovely and interesting cards. I can't help you with dating I'm afraid - I'm the other side of the Atlantic!

  3. Hello Grace,
    I'm so delighted to see a new postcard blog starting up. I wanted to let you know that the July issue which contains your entry is posted here:
    It was wonderful to have you onboard. If you'd like to participate again thenthe August issue is dedicated to WATER and the September issue is dedicated to 4-legged animals.
    You should sign up at the Blog Carnival and/or let me know as soon as you have something posted because I'm already preparing the August issue!
    Good luck on your new blog
    Evelyn in Montreal

  4. There is a guide to dating Curt Teich postcards: