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Thursday, August 6, 2009

A FESTIVAL OF POSTCARDS: Lady At The Lake - FISHING? 100 Years Old

I love vintage postcards. Every time I wander into an antique store or estate sale I always end up at the vintage paper.

Here are four beautiful old post cards I found at an antique store. They are a series of a young lady fishing.

First post card is this pretty lady fishing on the front it says " A maiden fair fished all alone, Standing on a seawashed stone"
Back of post card is addressed to a Miss Martha Kaatz in St. Paul ( all of these postcards are addressed to this same lady ) and is post marked Nov 26 10 am 1909. They are from Ella

Second post card is this same pretty lady fishing and a young man stops to visit with her. On the front it says " Presently a man walked bye, Laughed they in each other eye "

Back is post marked November 29 8 pm 1909

Third post card is both this young lady and man holding the fishing pole. On front says " Said the maid: The fishing's fine, Come and help me pull in this line "

Back is post marked Dec 5 8 pm 1909

Fourth and last post card is the young lady has fainted I think? Oh how fair the ladies were 100 years ago. On front says " But, Alas! ---- For Maid and bale, She spoke a little bit too late.

Back is postmarked December 12 8pm 1909


  1. I can't believe what you're showing us for the "WATER" festival - what a find!
    A really great entry - thanks!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. I think they are adorable.

  3. Update: Hello Grace - the Festival of Postcards - Water (featuring your postcards in the first section) has been published here:
    When you get a moment I would appreciate it if you placed a link in the body of your text so that readers of the Festival can move back and forth more easily as they read the entries.
    Hope to see you in October in the Quadrupeds (4-legged animals) Festival.