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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grant's Tomb and George Washington Bridge New York City 1939

Here is a beautiful vintage post card dated 1939. This is Grant's Tomb. This magnificent mausoleum was erected on Riverside Drive and 123rd Street to honor the memory of the famous Civil War General and President of the United States. The George Washington Bridge can be seen in the background.

Post card is addressed to Irma Luvillen ? of Newton Kansas and is from Eveline. It is postmarked from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 18, 1939.
Eveline writes
June 12 39
"Greetings to my
dear friend Irma.
The Fair was beyond
all our expectations.
Its hot here in Phila.
Love Eveline
Will be home the 21st "

The colors are bright and vibrant. It is from the Manhattan Publishing Company and number 38 of a series.
I think post cards are a great addition to family history. I always am happy to find a vintage post card that has been used but then again I think of the family historian that does not have this treasure in their collection.
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  1. I don't remember the tomb being so big, but it's been a while since I've seen it.