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Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage 1940's Postcard Lot 5 Union Oil Company Scenes Of The West

Vintage Postcard lot of (5) Royal 76 Union Oil Company Scenes Of The West series

Lake Washington Bridge, Seattle, is a tribute to the ingenuity of American Engineers. Except for entrances the bridge is full floating, being supported by pontoons. A section can be moved to accomodate navigation.

Lake Crescent, a beautiful 11 mile long lake surrounded by mountains, is a resort center of the Olympic Peninsula. Reached off U. S. Highway 101 at the northern edge of Olympic National Park.

Deception Pass Bridge connecting Fidalgo and Whidby Islands presents view of Puget Sound. To drive over it take the cut off west from Mt. Vernon, off highway 99.

Stevens Pass, midway between Everett and Wentchee where U.S. Highway 2 crosses the Cascade Mountains. Elevation 4061 feet.

San Juan Island lying between Washington and Vancouver Island.

I would date these from the 1940's.
Great vintage postcards. They are not written on.


  1. what a wonderful collection! did you find them as a set? i would take the "natural color" boast on the back of the cards with a pinch of salt though!

  2. These came out of my parents collection. They did not collect postcards but did visit this area in the 1940's so I think that they bought them new

  3. Hello,

    I was wondering if you would be willing to sell the postcard of the San Juans? I recently completed a collage series inspired by vintage postcards of Washington, and am trying to procure the original images. Your blog was the first source of inspiration I found. So whether or not you are willing to sell the card-- thank you!