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Sunshine Award
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Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Cheer I Wish You For 2011 Vintage New Year Postcard

This is the last of my vintage New Year postcards. They are so pretty. I love this one. The snow is falling and we have a carriage with two pretty horses taking the some one to a party.

There is even some one playing a horn at the back of carriage. So festive don't you agree.

Best wishes for much happiness and prosperity in the New Year

This post card is also from the time period of 1907 to 1914 with the divided back and the word post card on it.

No message so we can not peek into what some one was thinking as they bought it.

I want to wish all my Friendship Friday friends a Happy New Year .. Grace

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  1. This one could almost double up as a Christmas card, apart from the wording. My favourite is the sands of time one from a couple of days ago.

    A very happy New Year to you for 2011!

  2. A nice way to close out 2010 with a great vintage card of blessings.

  3. Another beauty. This is a great style.