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Sunshine Award
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Postcard Friendship Friday Vintage Ship Ahoy Postcard Real Photo Or Not?

Welcome to Postcard Friendship Friday... this is a real cute vintage postcard that I found some time back either in California or Texas.
Adorable young boy or girl in sailor outfit looking out at the sea. Is marked on the front Copyrighted 1906 Robert McCrum.
Is postmarked Mar 15 and 9:30 in the morning but date is not there.
Addressed to Miss Adele Bach of Saint Louis. On the side is written Aunt Bessie and what looks like Camforth Publishers N.Y.

Do you think this is a real photo postcard? I am not sure.
It is adorable no matter what.

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  1. Its a gorgeous card! I think it is a real photo but taken in a studio I think it is a set with back drop for the sea.

  2. I agree with Coffeedoff ... great card. such a cutie! Happy PFF

  3. Usually you can tell if something is a real photos if you magnify it. But I have some cards that I am not sure about. There are some processes that don't look like regular printing but are not real photos .

  4. One cute card, I'm with Coffeedoff as well, if not a studio then the little boy is about to be washed overboard:-)

  5. I think a painted background too. The seas look pretty stormy!
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    You are welcome to join us.

  6. Studio Real Photo I believe. Cute, regardless!

  7. Howdy
    Congratulations on your sunshine award .
    Happy PFF .
    What a delightful card ,love the sailor suit !
    Have a blessed rest of the weekend .
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  8. Thank you all for visiting me. It is adorable that is for sure