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Sunshine Award
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Barless Bear Den in Milwaukee Wisconsin Vintage Postcard 1934

This wonderful vintage postcard is of " Barless Bear Den, Washington Park, Milwaukee Wisconsin is dated 1934.

Rising 15 to 18 feet, the walls of irregular naturalistic formation, have at the base a moat 15 feet wide scarcely visible from the public walk. The bears standing on the extreme edge of the moat stare at the crowds only some 18 feet distant. Unique groups of Polar, grizzly , Black Bears and Wolves here enjoy practical freedom. The swimming pool is 15 by 30 feet . 7 by 30 feet is provided for sleeping and hibernating.

This pretty post card is postmarked and stamped from Milwaukee Wisconsin and addressed to Mr and Mrs E L Foster of Newton Kansas.

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