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Sunshine Award
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Vintage 1925 Postcard From Albert Foster in Texas to his Dad in Oklahoma

Today post card is visiting vintage Houston,Texas. A Municipal Band Concert , City Park Houston Texas.
The colors are soft and show us a time about 85 years ago in Houston.
DH and I am now living in the Houston area for a few years. It is busy and crowded and nothing like this beautiful post card of course.
Post card is dated Jan 8 1925 Bellaire Texas and addressed to Mr. J W Foster of Clarita Oklahoma.
This postcard is from Mr Foster's son Albert.

He says " Holiday Greetings Dear Dad.

Am out of the Army now and going to school. Haven't worked out since getting out. How is everything at home by now and how was the Holidays. Didn't seem like Xmas to me haven't heard from Edgar in a long time. Have lost his address send it to me

Your son Albert 1607 Commerce Street Houston Texas.

I think it is sad that these postcards get separated from their family. It tells me we have a young man living in Texas and not with his family. It is addressed to his father, where is the mother. Sounds like working out is something he thinks about even though he is not doing it at this time. He recently got out of the Army and now in school. Family history in this short post card.

Thanks for stopping by... Hope that you enjoyed today's entry in vintage postcards

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