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Sunshine Award
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vintage Postcard Of Galvestone Texas 1941

Tonight's posting is a beautiful vintage postcard of Galveston, Texas. Pictured is Beach boulevard and Seawall fraom the air, showing Hotel Galves.

It is not postmarked but has been dated 1941 in pencil by previous owner. Written by Lorene to Iris. Lorene has a strange sense of humor.

" Dear Iris I will take time to drop you a few lines but not plow lines. I am well but not a hole in the ground. I'm in Galveston Texas. Will be home soon. Love Lorene
Cute post card and interesting sense of humor from Lorene

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  1. Hotel, schmotel -- I could go for some Hires Root Beer right about now. :D