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Sunshine Award
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Soldiers' Monument Worcester Mass

Here is a beautiful old vintage post card to honor Memorial Day. It is of the Soldiers' Monument, Worchester Mass. Is unused except for writing saying Brother Charlie.
The Soldiers' Monument, a memorial to Civil War heroes, was dedicated July 15, 1874. Its erection was made possible partly through an appropriation from the City Government; partly by private subscription. The Citizens' Committee responsible for this private subscription was headed by Mr. George Crompton, a leading industrialist of that time. The designer of the monument was the famous sculptor, Randolph Rogers, who left an appropriate memorial of Mr. Crompton in the figure of the sailor on the monument, one of the four depicting various arms of the service. This statement was found at You can read more there.

The building on the right is the Carriage Sleigh and Harness. Bottom stamp on right says Metropolitan News Co Boston

Hope that you are having a great Memorial Day .. Lets all thank our service men and women and their families as we pass them on the street and remember those who have given themselves for our freedom. ... Grace

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