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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Vintage Postcard Ford Motor Company at Texas Centennial Exposition Dallas

There has been so much news lately of the Ford Motor Company, I thought it was time to share this beautiful vintage post card. I love the coloring in it. It is of the Ford Motor Co. Building Texas Centennial Exposition, Dallas .

It has not been used. I searched out the Texas Centennial and found this information.

Texas Centennial Exposition

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Texas Centennial Exposition was a World's Fair held at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas (USA) to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Texas's independence from Mexico in 1836. More than 50 buildings, designed by George Dahl, were constructed for the Exposition, which ran from June 6, 1936 to November 29, 1936. The exposition attracted over 10 million visitors, and cost around $25 million [1]. Gene Autry's film The Big Show was filmed on location and shows many of the buildings and events of the event.
The Cavalcade of Texas, a historical pageant covering four centuries of Texas history, was one of the most popular attractions at the Exposition. The Hall of Negro Life was another popular attraction and is believed to be the first recognition of African culture at a World's Fair.
The Centennial Exposition required a massive publicity effort, but the promotion department was stymied by a lack of photographs. Never before had the state been photographed for advertising purposes. The Centennial Exposition hired Polly Smith to travel the state and tell the story of Texas through photos.

This helps date this post card to the 1936 making it 74 years old.
Hope that you have enjoyed seeing my vintage post card of The Ford Building. I love to buy and sell post cards on . I seem to buy them and have a hard time parting with them. The ones I have for sale at this time can be seen at

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