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Sunshine Award
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Mora Minnesota 1940

Today I am sharing a vintage postcard from my personal collection. This is downtown Mora, Minnesota 1940. I love the store fronts and the cars pictured.
My family lived in Mora and Ogilvie, a town near by during this period.

Not only are vintage postcards fun to look at, but they are great additions to family history.
Add some vintage post cards to a photo album of your family. This can give us a glimpse to what life was like at that time in their history.
This post card was sent to my Aunt Daisy, sister of my mother. They were living in Ogilvie, Minnesota at this time. It is postmarked Mora Minn March 12, 5 pm 1940. It is from a friend of hers named Alta. Alta is telling her that she went for an airplane ride Sunday and may be over to visit Thursday evening.
This would be a great addition to a photo album I want to do of my Aunt Daisy. I am adding a picture of my Aunt Daisy 1938. Not sure if Ogivie or Mora.


  1. Not that the view of Mora isn't interesting, but what a great photo of Aunt Daisy. Something very timeless about it (and about her), despite the obvious period clothes and surroundings.

  2. It is a wonderful photo I agree. She was a beauty when she was young. Thanks for your post.