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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Postcards an Inexpensive Historical Collectible Hobby

I just love vintage postcards. It can be an inexpensive Historical hobby. They are easy to store and can be fairly easy to find.
Post cards were first printed in Austria in 1886. In this country they were printed for the Colombian Exposition in 1892 as souvenir cards. They became a rage.

Until World War 1, they remained very collectible, with many being preserved in special postcard albums. Even today they remain near the top in paper collectibles.

Today collectors often specialize in certain types of cards. Themes like advertising, industry, transportation and entertainment are collected. Others like the holiday cards,with Halloween
and Santa Christmas cards at the top.

Black Americana and Patriotism are popular and then some collectors prefer illustrators such as Ellen Clapsaddle, Raphael Tuck, Frances Brundage and Rose O'Neill.

Condition is very important to collectors. Even though many of the cards are sixty to ninety years old, they must be in excellent shape to have value whether used or not used.

I love post cards, Most of mine range in very good condition. I especially love my collection of vintage post cards of the Ariel Bridge or Lake Superior in Duluth Minnesota. I grew up in Duluth and love the view of Lake Superior and the Bridge.
The post card on the right is " Lighthouse and Duluth Canal, During Storm Duluth, Minn." #91 V O Hammon Co. Minneapolis, Minn. This card was unused.
The on the left is " The Duluth Boat Club Duluth, Minn " Knopp Co. Wisconsin #594.
It is addressed to Mrs. Kogl of St. Paul, Minn from Mrs. A E Haynes and post marked 1910.
It is from Mrs. A. E. Haynes and she writes
Dear Mrs. Kogl
Hope you are feeling well and also hope Marie is.
With my regards and best wishes Mrs. A. E Haynes.
General Del Duluth
In pencil is written Lillian Turnquist
I bought both of these over 10 years ago.
Some of my most prized post cards are those that my grandfather Bill wrote to his future wife my grandma Grace. Sadly he wrote in pencil and they are hard to read. Some day I will share some of these with you.

Thanks for stopping by ... Grace

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