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Sunshine Award
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Funny Postcard with Curvy Woman Sitting by Side of Road

Cute post card I found among some postcards I bought at an auction months ago. This one is postmarked 1954 so over 50 years old.

Young red head lady sitting by the side of the road under a Slow Down sign. I love the nylons, no panty hose but the old stockings that were held with a garter belt.

I'm Using My Head .... And Havin' A Swell Time!

Post card is copyrighted by Curt Tiech & co C 759

Postmarked from Michigan... hard to read town does have Oak in name. He does say he is in Romeo Michigan 6/8/1954.

Addressed to Ed Foster of Newton Kansas and is from Barney 200 lb brakeman. He says he arrived here no trouble Weather is fine and he is having a good time.

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