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Sunshine Award
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage Real Post Card of 3 Young Boys ? Early Boy Scouts

This is a old real post card that is unused. Back is divided and has no place for the stamp. Bottom center says Leonar 1452.
I do not remember where or when I bought this post card or if it is from the United States or is foreign

The picture is of three young boys. There are a total of three bikes. One is near the boy on the right and the other two are leaning up against the bushes on the right hand side.The boys are dressed in short pants and long socks. Not sure if they are in uniforms of some kind, could be some kind of scout uniforms. The boys on the left are looking at something in the grass or could even be building a camp fire. There may be some bedding on the ground right of the boy on the right hand side .

Great old post card probably has a story of three young men. Would love to hear if anyone has any ideas about this post card.

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