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Sunshine Award
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Lake Minnetonka Minnesota & The Ferry

Today I am back on Lake Minnetonka sharing another from our personal collection.

This is the Ferry that travels on Lake Minnetoka, it is going through the Narrows. The coloring is beautiful and is just as beautiful today as it was then.

Post card is used but in very good condition with a little corner wear. No stamp

Message is " This is my Birthday Aug 13,1918 & I am 77 years old Grandma.

Addressed to Ruby Claire Bennett Post Office Station #1 Lincoln Nebraska


  1. You have some nice Lake Minnetonka postcards. I have some on my Minneapolis postcard website, though my main emphasis is on the city of Minneapolis:

  2. Hubby grew up Lake Minnetoka area and I grew up in Duluth . We are in Texas for now but consider Minn home. thanks for stopping by and for the link to your postcards, will be taking a look