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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Victorian Humor # 2 What Are You Doing Bridget?

okay guys.. I really do not get this one.

" What are you doing , Bridget?

Sure, yer mother sent me to see what height the glass was.

Appears to be a duster on the floor. No idea what is hanging on the wall.

Any ideas any one

Postmarked Wisconsin 1910 and addressed to Martha Kaazt of St. Paul Minn. I bought this some time ago here in Minnesota.

Hello Martha
Thank you for the card you send
we was glad to hear from you agan
How do you lik you new foreman
is he good as reddy
im having a good time out hear
close with best love to you
from anna

Thanks for stopping by.. look forward for any ideas from you on the humor side of post card


  1. I have to admit - I am baffled too. I also have a few old humor cards that make me wonder if I am missing something.

  2. Is it a clock? What an interesting postcard!

  3. I think it might be some kind of barometer on the wall and the maid has been asked to tell the lady what it reads, presumably the word height is part of the question, and so the maid having misunderstood, is measuring the height of the barometer, not reading which way the weather is indicated.
    They are nice these cards as they take you to a totally different time with their sayings and humour.

  4. Thanks for looking I think it some kind of thermoter/barometer but it has two chains hanging down Has me stumped