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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vintage Lake Superior Duluth Minnesota Canal 1907 Postcard addressed to Lyman Barrows

Look what I found this week end at the flea market in Minnesota. It is a pretty vintage postcard of the Canal Entrance of Duluth Minnesota. Lake Superior is huge and beautiful.
Post card is postmarked June 1907 and addressed to
Master Lyman Barrows
12 19th Ave East
Duluth Minn
Written on the front is

Dear Lyman
We were glad to get your postal from California but sorry to hear that you had returned home ill. We hope that you will soon be well again and all send our love. Mary W Carter.

My plan is to put up for sale in the Antique Mall I just joined. The mall is just a couple of blocks from the Canal and gets lots of tourists.
Post card is in good condition but does have some small creases on the corners.
I took a few minutes and searched for Lyman on and believe I found him in the 1910 census. He was living in Ward 1 of Duluth, Minnesota. Was the son of Frank J and Eulalie. In 1910 he was 14 years old and had a sister Margaret 18 and brother Kenneth 16 years old. He was born in Michigan and was found in the Michigan census in 1900. After 1910 I am not sure where he went.
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  1. fascinating postcard and story - i'd never thought of using to trace postcard recipients! am i right in thinking this is longer and thinner than a standard card? i love the "widescreen" format!

  2. no this is a regular size post card. It fools the eye in my blog because it is of only the water with only the sides of the canal showing