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Friday, September 10, 2010

Duluth Central High School in a Vintage Post Card Friendship Friday

Today's vintage post card is of Duluth Central High School , Duluth Minnesota. This is where I graduated from high school.
Sadly they have closed this beautiful old high school and using it for other uses. They built new Central. Besides Central we had East and Denfeld High Schools plus Marshall a private high school. Soon changes are coming again and eventually we will have only two high schools.
Wonderful memories of a long time ago. Sometimes progress is hard to understand and agree with.
post card is postmarked July 17, 1912 from L Lewis to Miss Florence Swanson of Stillwater Minnesota. The following is written
1931 e 5th street Duluth I planned to write you a couple weeks ago but
had another sudden attack of appendicitis. Was operated on 2
weeks ago yesterday and had it out.
The brought me home from the hospital Saturday. Am getting
along nicely and begin to feel better
already. Am still pretty weak but can eat and that helps. Expect
to be out again in 10 days or so. Wont come to St Paul now til on my way west in August
Will write later L Lewis
So sad these vintage postcards get separated from family members. Great information tells us where people lived during a period of time and heath issue with L. Lewis.
Thanks for stopping by.. come back to see more wonderful vintage postcards from my personal collection and those I resell on eBay or in an antique mall. Grace


  1. It's great to have a postcard of your school that also has an interesting message.

  2. It's always so interesting to hear everyday and not so everyday messages!

  3. This must have been a Hogwarth-kind of place to go to school too. Fun. A lot of stairs, doors, corridors, dark attics, a high tower and many, many memories. I'm sorry it does not exist anymore. Happy PFF.

  4. That is a wonderful building. At least they didn't tear it down like they did so many other beautiful old buildings. Lovely postcard and I liked the personal note along with it!

    Happy PFF!

  5. Love the old buildings... great message... true the postcards are discarded along the way and the family it was in the possession of has lost some of their history.

  6. Beautiful card and full of memories for you. I went to a grade school ... beautiful old, two story red brick building. I remember it fondly. It's now used for storage.