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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friendship Friday Vintage Postcard Of The Original Hotel Duluth

Friday all ready.. oh my the older I get the faster time does go. Friendship Friday is a fun day. Others post and link their postcards at the link below.

Please take a moment and maybe check out some of my other postcards and then visit others at the link.

I have been sharing post cards from my home town Duluth, Minnesota. After 20 years I am back living here. We have rented the smallest of places and is truly a challenge but I love being close to Lake Superior and near my children and grandchildren.

Today's post card is of the Hotel Duluth. Written on back of post card is
Overlooking beautiful Lake Superior in the " air conditioned city" is Hotel Duluth, the finest and most modern hotel in the Arrowhead Region; 400 rooms with bath, Coffee shop, Dining room, excellent convention facilities and the famous Black Bear Lounge, with entertainment nightly.
It is now known as the Greysolon Plaza. In 1980 it was converted to apartments. Follow the link to read all about the Hotel Duluth/Greysolon Plaza and the story of the Black Bear Lounge. You can read of all the famous people who stayed there including President John F Kennedy.
Hope that you have enjoyed another piece of history here in Duluth Minnesota.
thanks for stopping by.. Grace


  1. Yes I did! Enjoy your history lesson about the Hotel Duluth. I imagine the whole city is air conditioned for a good portion of the year. Time goes by quite fast for me as well! It's a blur, actually.

  2. Fun postcard with memories for you. How nice that you've returned *home* and are near loved ones. Happy PFF

  3. Interesting building with its combination of styles. Those arches at the bottom seem to indicate that the reception area of the hotel must have been huge.

  4. Thanks for the history. that is one big impressive hotel.
    Happy Postcard Friendship Friday!

  5. I love the description "air conditioned city". It must have been amazing and I imagine the apartments are lovely too.

  6. I love the very name Deluth! What a wonderful postcard and accompanying description. Wonderful post! Happy PFF!

  7. If the streets are in reality at 90 degrees, and the hotel walls as well, then the drawing (?) looks like it shows a different angle than 90 degrees between the walls in the foreground. Perspective considered, of course, but still; this is not Flat Iron-like building.
    The footprint is rectangular, right?