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Friday, October 29, 2010

FRIENDSHIP FRIDAY The Beauty Of Duluth and Lake Superior

Here is another beautiful vintage postcard from my collection of Duluth Minnesota and Lake Superior. Today is Friendship Friday and you can view other contributors at
This one is the Aerial Lift Bridge and Ship Canal Entrance to Duluth Superior Harbor.
We are living on park point which is on the left hand side of the bridge as you are looking at it. Every day we cross this bridge to go into the Duluth down town. I love to the view of the lake as we cross the bridge.
Of course you need to try and time your crossing of the bridge as every half hour the bridge may go up to let boats go in and out of the harbor.
From the back of the post card is the following statement
The unique Aerial Lift Bridge and Ship Canal Entrance to Duluth Superior Harbor is an outstanding attraction of this popular summer vacation city. Total bridge load is 900 tons. Only 55 seconds are required to lift the span 135 feet. The Harbor is second only to that of New York City in shipping tonnage and through it passes about 60 percent of America's iron ore production from the great iron ores just north of Duluth.
Post card is unused .. printed by Zenith Interstate News Co Duluth, Minnesota and requires a one cent stamp.
This is not one of my oldest but is a beautiful postcard in my collection.

thanks for stopping by.. I hope that you take a few minutes and look at some of my other vintage Duluth postcards

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  1. postcards of bridges are always irresistible and this is a lovely vintage linen! happy postcard friendship friday!