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Sunshine Award
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Monday, February 28, 2011

WASHINGTON DUKE HOTEL Durham North Carolinia 1949

I love postcards of old hotels. They stood high in the sky and seemed so elegant.
This postcard is of the Washington Duke Hotel in Durham, North Carolina.
Note the great vintage automobiles in front of the hotel.
The back of the postcard is 1949 and is addressed to the Foster family of Newton Kansas from A.J. and Opal.
Hello folks,
the weather here has been so warm
we don't even have any heat.
have had lots of rain.
Guess we will be leaving soon
We are going back through Texas.

To see another post card from North Carolina go here or other postcards that once belonged to the Foster family. Sadly they got separated from the family members.
Thanks for stopping by to view my hotel post card from North Carolina


  1. I love that lower level with all of the windows. I bet there was a nice light lobby and some beautiful dining areas.

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