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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Beautiful Vintage NEW YEAR Post Card

Here is another of my beautiful vintage New Year post cards. It is post marked and stamped but date is not readable.

This post card was sent to
Miss Elsie Armsloz of Sioux City
Wishing you a Happy New Year
from Mrs. Chas Elibectott
from Wisconsin

I think I have the names right but could be off a letter.
This is from the early 1900's with a divided back and the word post card
marked Stegher Quality made in USA series 337 D
I hope that you are enjoying my vintage postcards and will come back real soon. Grace
I will be sharing this at Vintage Thingie Thursday


  1. I really like this style of postcard. thanks for sharing.

  2. I like the style of your postcard too. It has a nice old-fashioned holiday quality.

  3. I do love old postcards. Whenever I see one, it's almost as though I know the sender or the person it was sent too. I think they kind of "live on" because someone like you collects these little memories.

  4. I do indeed enjoy your cards. Especially when you tell some of the information they contain.

  5. I think the recipient was Miss Elsie Armsdorf. The sender looks to me like Mrs Chas Elchecott - is that a known surname in the USA?

    ps, may I mention my postcard blog at

  6. I don't see very many New Years postcards-cool! Best Wishes in 2011

  7. I love any holiday card with holly. Those are some interesting names.

  8. Thank you for visiting everyone. I am always happy when some shares their post card blog. We all have a new one to check out. Thanks for helping me with the names writing can be so hard to read but I am sure 100 years ago they did not know we would be sharing their postcards