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Sunshine Award
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Memories of Winter Through Vintage Postcards

I grew up in Duluth, Minnesota. It snowed by the first of December and stayed with us till spring. As a child I loved it. I would be outside playing, sliding down our little hill or trying to ski down this same hill. It really was not much of hill. That was the extent of my sking.

Here I am on my one and only pair of skies. It was about 1961. No hat, mittens and this was a fake leather jacket. Not very warm clothing. No wonder my grandfather was always yelling at me to put on a hat and gloves. This is our back hard and at the top of this little hill.

What I really loved to do was ice skate. The rink was at my grade school which was just 3 to 4 blocks away. I could spend hours there. How I hated it when the boys would take over the rink to play hockey. Maybe that is why I am not interested in hockey today. Rotten little boys hogging the rink.

Today's post card is a skiers view from the slopes of Elk Mountain Ski Center in Northeast Pa. near Scranton, Carbondale and Forest City. Here skiers prepare for a run to the ski lodge below.

Back of post card states this beautiful photo is by Ralph E Menne.

I especially find the tree beautiful and how it frames this postcard. But I love trees and I am always taking pictures of them. I just may have to post a few on my Live Goes On One Photo At A Time blog.

My mama was an amateur painter and once painted me a picture of a dead tree on a hill. I love that painting.
Thanks for stopping by.. hope to see you again soon.. Grace

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  1. It must have been lovely to have white Xmas for sure every year .