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Sunshine Award
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friendship Friday Vintage Postcard Of A Winter Beauty

For Friendship Friday today I am sharing one of my favorite vintage Christmas postcard.

It is titled Winter Beauty and is she not beautiful. Centered in a winter wonderland she is all decked out with a red coat with fur collar and sleeve trimmed in fur and matching muff. I love her black at trimmed with a flower in the center.

This postcard is dated 1909 and addressed to Mr. George Merches of Elbow Lake Minnesota and is from sister Gertrude.

Gertrude writes
Dear brother,
I received your cards and was glad you thought of me
must say I had been waiting to hear from you.
Olson's had a surprise party yesterday. John is home as he is not well
he could not work any more. Maths (Linders or Finders) sister was
here. I tell you she is fine wish you could have seen her.
You would not believe she was his sister. I had a card
from her she ?
Best love to you answer soon
from sister Gertrude

post card is in good shape, showing some wear on edges with creases on the corners. Stamp has been removed.

I love finding and selling these old postcards but always so sad that they get separated from their families.

Happy Friendship Friday to all


  1. She is indeed lovely. I would like to have a hat like that.

  2. It looks like a nice card to me, so why does it say "Excuse this card"?