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Sunshine Award
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Monday, January 3, 2011

1910 Vintage Postcard with Victorian Humor

I bought some interesting vintage postcards some time ago. They are colorful with great views of clothing and furniture from the early 1900's.

But what I do not understand is what I think is humor of the time.

What is the thing he is holding in his hand. that is a couple of ugly birds...
Message is
How good of you! You shot them yourself of course?
Y yes... this morning
But are they not rather high?
No, only six and I mean ... er yes, they do fly rather high don't they
bottom of post card states copyrighted 1908 Bamforth & co
back is postmarked Feb 7 1910 some place in Minnesota ... 101 years ago
addressed to Miss Martha Kaatz of St. Paul

Hello dear ?
I am well and hope the same of you and sister
well Martha I am back to my old place agin in the hotel
it seems so funny to me
good bye dear
from loving Lana L


  1. Perhaps he bought the birds and what he almost says is the price, but he wants to go along with the lady thinking he shot them.

  2. Another thought on this and further wordplay in the humour is that the word 'high' is also used for meat smelling not so fresh, ie implying the birds are not freshly shot.